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Jihadi John’s plans for Christmas single ruined
The Daily Mash wrote:Image

JIHADI John’s novelty Christmas single has been shelved after a successful drone strike.

Come On Baby (Join the Global Caliphate) was set to launch on next weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing, with ‘John’ on vocals, Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on sleigh bells, and three backing dancers forbidden to dance, sing or move.

Manager Bill McKay said: “John’s ambition, apart from killing the prime minister, had always been to go on Top of the Pops and the Christmas one is the only one left.

“We had it all planned out. He was turning on the Christmas lights in Derby next week and then he was supposed to be doing Saturday Kitchen.”

McKay said that working with Jihadi John had been ‘challenging’ as the psychotic terrorist was clearly desperate to be famous while simultaneously rejecting celebrity as a symptom of corrupt western decadence.

He added: “It’s such a shame as the song is quite catchy. We really thought this could be the next Gangnam Style.“
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Could someone post that cartoon that pretended that various protests had been peaceful affairs. I scanned the previous 10 pages and didn't see it and an image search only delivered 1 frame.

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Thankyou kindly!
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By Potemkin
The part about the French revolution gave me cancer! I mean thats basic knowledge...1799 c'mon...

It's a political cartoon drawn by an American. You shouldn't expect even basic historical knowledge from it, killim.
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By Potemkin
No Mike, it was obviously a mistake. The French Revolution was in 1789, not 1799.
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By Red_Army
You're triggering my New World sensitivity Potemkin. I expect you to apologize for your problematic criticisms of such a young nation. Just because we don't like in swamp castles and allow ourselves to be ruled by old ladies doesn't mean we're any worse than you.

One day we will achieve the glory of condom headed political cartoons, but until then you need to be supportive and helpful.
Potemkin wrote:It's a political cartoon drawn by an American. You shouldn't expect even basic historical knowledge from it, killim.

He's also apparently a polish american, which doesn't help
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By Potemkin
Talk about a double-whammy....
I like the comics about Indians vetting Mayflower settlers with background checks, because I don't see how you can read it as anything other than a very strong argument in favor of not letting them in.
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