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By Victoribus Spolia
B0ycey wrote:Really? You needed help with Afghanistan?

As a Brit you should definitely no better than to say that given the ass-kicking the Afgans gave you during the Anglo-Afghan war and how the Afghans whooped the Soviets.

Fuck. Everybody needs help with the Afghans. :lol:
By Decky
Victoribus Spolia wrote:Really? You needed help with Argentina? :lol:

The need is hardly relevant (and clearly we didn't need it since the dagos are in the ground or under the sea). The point stands that if the Yankee government were really allies rather than pathetic cowards it would have been there. I am always amazed when you guys threaten to withdraw your "help". Who would notice? :lol:
By Sivad

A unique SAS product. It’s strikes as a services. Hire us to organize a union drive at your competitor, thus slowing their operations, distracting their management, and demoralizing their investors.


Their Solidarity Is Your Opportunity

Labor Agitation
Anytime, Anywhere

By Sivad
The one they did on OZY Fest was hilarious.

By Sivad
I couldn't do that tripping, I'd need a lot of cheap whiskey to stomach that shit.
By Sivad
Red_Army wrote:I'd be carted off to a sanitarium listening to Karl Rove speak if I wasn't shot by a hero cop.

I would suicide by cop if he started rapping.
By Sivad
Ter wrote:Deep State Going Down

That would be a real milestone in our social evolution, it would be as momentous as Magna Carta, abolition, or suffrage.
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