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By Ranb
Aerofal wrote:I'm specifically talking about Brady's Law, in which private sales do not require background checks as long as the seller does not have "reasonable" cause to believe that the buyer is unable to obtain a firearm legally. This is covered by the ATF's page here.

So exactly which words in your link constitute a loophole? What you linked to is not the actual law, it is a summary. It seems you are evading a direct answer to my question.

If the word loophole is defined as "an ambiguity or omission in the text through which the intent of a statute, contract, or obligation may be evaded." then you need to show that the law requires that all sales require a bkgd check but for some reason an unlicensed individual is able to legally evade the law requiring it.

In fact federal law has never required a bkgd check for the transfer of a title 1 firearm (long gun, shotgun or handgun). It only allows FFL's to use NICS to obtain a bkgd check. The fact that an unlicensed person such as myself is prohibited access to the bkgd check system is not a loophole.

Aerofal wrote:If the person is willing to give their life to their country, they should be able to. Besides, it's not like I'm calling for conscription anyways. Why shouldn't foreigners who serve our military get citizenship from the service itself?

The USA is not "their country" if they're here illegally.

Just because a person wants to serve, doesn't mean they are worthy of serving. All adult illegal aliens are breaking the law by remaining in the USA after illegally entering or overstaying a visa for example. Unless there was a recent change to federal law, there is no way for them to legally enlist or gain a commission in the military. The military is considering recruiting illegal aliens who entered the USA as children.

As for those adults who entered the USA illegally, I don't care to see anyone of them in the military seeing as how little respect they seem to have for the law in general.

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