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Any other minor ideologies.
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SSDR wrote:Yes, I am somewhat a "pre-1960's communist" to some extent because for one, I am one of those people who are "stuck back in time," meaning I want to live in a different time period somewhat for some reasons. I strongly dislike Zionism, hippie values, electronic dance shit, and midnight partying. By modern standards, I am more socially conservative. For two, I have socialists and communists in my ancestry that were communist guerrillas during the Second World War, and I have a lot of atheists and socialists in my ancestry. Two of my grand uncles were socialists who were guerrillas during the Second World War. And my grandfather and both of his brothers were Marxists. One of my uncles is a communist. And some of my other relatives who are not socialists tend to have socialist leanings, and support some socialists such as Fidel Castro or Stalin. I don't really talk to any relatives for various reasons, so I live my own life and live my destiny as much as I can.

Cool background.

Just don't forget I was the first one to peg you accurately. ;)

I myself come from a unbroken millennia of Christian patriarchs whose sole desire was to go there own way and rule over their own families and property. I am continuing that tradition as Ancap Theonomist Homesteader; though in spite of my strong blue-collar work history, I have simultaneously pursued academics for the purpose of defending this worldview which led me deep into philosophy and into becoming a Phenomenal Idealist (Berkeleyan Immaterialist), Hyper-Natalist, Theonomist, and Advocate of Argumentation Ethics (A From of Discourse Ethics).

From an every day perspective though, I am currently building my own off-grid home for my family and starting my own sustainable family farm business while continuing in academics. By age 35 I hope to have my Ph.D finished, atleast 9 if not 10 children, and be working only for myself farming, butchering, writing books, and doing public debates.

You can see me, my wife, and my 5 children (going on six or seven) here about the 16th post in on this page: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=95867&start=2020

SSDR wrote:You support Austrian Economics?


SSDR wrote:Like Anarcho Capitalism?

I am a radical Ancap, Basically a Neo-Feudalist and Medievalist. I think I should be able to stone heretics on my own property if they are under my authority via contract when they commit such.....just as an example; however, what you do on your own property is not my business so long as it does not interfere with mine.

SSDR wrote:How do you feel about right wing populism?

I am from the rural rustbelt, so I got caught up in it a bit, but in sum, I think Trump is a transitional figure, a Gracchus.

He is but the start of the death pangs for the eventual collapse that I long for.
SSDR wrote:Wow your life sounds very hard. You're getting a PhD, have children, and trying to start a farm company at the same time? That sounds nearly impossible for me.

I still find a ton of time to waste in all honesty. Look how much i'm on fucking pofo! :lol:

I could probably accomplish all of my goals by 32 instead of 35 if I didn't waste so much time on youtube and pofo.

Life is an adventure my friend and anything worth having in life takes work.

I've owned three homes, lived in the big city (where I got my Masters), ran a boarding house, was a contractor, a machinist, and a welder, all while going to schol and having a family.

Its not as hard or as expensive as one might think, you just have to be creative. Avoid debt and unnecssary expenses and you've already won half the battle. Everything else is time management.

Where you from SSDR? How old are you?

I am 29 and from the Pennsylvania Wilds.
@Victoribus Spolia, You've owned three homes, ran a boarding house, was a contractor, had talents to be a welder AND a machinist, while going to school AND having a family? Shit, I would never be able to handle all of that.

I live in the States, but I am not from the States. The country that I am from, its economy collapsed and was privatized and family oriented when socialism ceased to exist. Basically, there are no jobs, and you have to create a job (invest, gamble, and start a company and get into debt). Some jobs that do exist there are very low paying, are very close knit and family oriented, and are more strict. So, my parents moved to the States for employment purposes, and for economic security. Hence, the USA is closer to socialism than the former socialist Eastern Europe. I live in the Midwest, and I am 26 years of age. I am a truck driver if you wonder what I do to contribute to society.

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