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Any election migth be considered as a shock. The questions are: Does the system bear it? Will this shock be constructive or destructive?
These are the questions which should be replied, specially for us, after experiencing "2009 election in Iran".
These shocks would be positive since it makes fresh the system, but merely in the case that it is in a
small enough scale.
Any large size or unpredictable size wave will act like tsunami, and it would be destructive.

In fact in this presendential we had an experience of two large scale shocks.
2.The unkown situation of president after presidency.

By looking more exact to the problem, having such problems seems normal in the system
and the structure of power.
In the first, some having large number of supporters loose power simply by declaring some numbers, the precentages in voting.
In the second, some in power will see they will fall soon, simply by reaching a date.
Two large shocks.

So,this situation needs some modifictaions.
Western systems usually tolerate this situations, since much more important than individuals, the systems and the centers of powers are.
Parties also help too much to over come this situation.
What about us(Iranian and possibly the other middle easterner or the some other parts of the worl), we are not in such a situation, specially the situation of parties is totally unclear.

One possible way is having parties, but all of us know the difficulties behind this purposition. To have parties rigth now, is a little far from hands.
The second way is, applying parlimentary system. Taking part, more in parlimentary system, the powerful hands which loosed the election. Also, taking part of the winner after ending the presidency priod, in parlimantary sysetem.
In this way, parlimentary system would be more powerful, and these two shocks will be smoothed.

It needs some modifications specially in the second case, in order to have more independency of president from parlimentary system.

Also, forthcoming it migth be used to have better formed parties. More harmony in our situation. Since in the scene of palimants they know each other and the facts and realities, better!
By experience, in general we have two principals:

1. Step by step siezing the power and step by step coming down, specialy passing different elections.

2. Having as much as possible various points of view, and permitting voicing their ideas.
If such a people push to digerssions, they usually find each other and makes different ideas and ideologies, sometimes
bizzar ones, it is better all be in front of eyes, in this way if there is any positive point of view in their ideas it will be used and if there is an inconvinient one it could be modified.

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