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Any other minor ideologies.
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By nucklepunche
My views have been shifting since I was last here. I was sort of a vague "moderate" in the American sense but my views have gotten more clarity.

- I am pro-capitalist but believe capitalism should exist alongside public industry in certain areas.

- Elements such as utilities, major transportation networks, health care, education are best provided via an economy of scale and should be provided by the state.

- The government should engage in massive public works projects to relieve unemployment and build new model cities based on new urbanist principles.

- Public-private partnerships should be encouraged. My philosophy, although it would require more progressive taxes on the wealthy, would not be anti-business or focused on class struggle.

- Generally pro-free trade and favorable toward economic globalization, but favor requiring trade agreements to have human rights elements.

- Environmentalism would be promoted. As opposed to complicated solutions like carbon taxes or cap and trade the government would simply subsidize alternative energy to make it cheaper and have no subsidies for fossil fuels and increasing gas taxes meaning the market would drift in a greener direction.

- Education would be reformed with a national curriculum and free up through the graduate level.

- Pro-LGBT rights.

- Pro-gun rights.

- Anti-death penalty.

- Anti-drug legalization, but in favor of treatment based approaches.

- In favor of maintaining a strong national defense, including a missile shield.

- As a superpower, maintain an active role for the US in world affairs.
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By Zamuel
nucklepunche wrote:My views have been shifting since I was last here.

Sorry, John ... Obama beat you the 1st time ... I'm happy that your social consciousness has developed, but you've just got to stop crossing your fingers behind your back.

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A couple of thoughts;

How is a carbon tax complicated? Once you've calculated how much carbon is released whilst burning various fuels you just tax x amount per gallon or tonne.

Your final line is vague. What role do you envision for America?
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By nucklepunche
Arend wrote:Standard American liberalism, more specifically - Wilsonianism.

There has been definition drift with liberalism which is why I shy away from the label. American liberalism sort of incorporated various currents over time, with the 1960s starting the incorporation of the New Left ideology into it. While liberalism never transformed into the New Left, large parts of it were incorporated in. I reject the post-1960s innovations in liberalism. Some of these may include.

- A rejection of the view that America has a positive role to play in the world.

- Neo-luddite environmentalism as opposed to the embrace of technology in a more environmentally friendly direction.

That being said on some economic issues I am actually beyond liberalism in terms of embracing a strong role for state planning. I favor socialized medicine, railroads, energy and resources alongside the private sector in smaller areas. For instance we are not going to have socialist restaurants, supermarkets nor will everybody be living in giant apartment blocs. I also reject class struggle and think the market should freely set wages and prices for the most part.

Secondly I tend to be in favor of public works projects to put people to work as opposed to the welfare state. Some say this is more expensive but I think you give people dignity by giving them wage paying work.

I do admittedly embrace a core liberal view such as support for multiparty democracy, equality before the law etc. However as has been explained over and over again, most people in the western world both those who call themselves liberals and those who call themselves conservatives, are within the liberal tradition. However to be within the liberal tradition is not the same as being a card carrying liberal as it is defined today.
By Arend
I really can't see what meaningfully distinguishes you from the likes of Walter Mondale. Bread and butter liberalism.

You might be interested in the German Freiburg School.
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