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Any other minor ideologies.
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Democracy/Authoritarianism – A country can choose whether or not it wants to be a liberal democracy. It is a popular choice not dependent on anything other than the political culture of the country in question. Liberal democracy is not universal and it is not the mission of liberal nations to export this ideal to the rest of the world. Countries like America and the UK make a big mistake in thinking they can teach democracy to cultures with no history of it. On a personal level I choose liberal democracy as the means through which to advance my political objectives. I am not interested in doing so through an authoritarian means, nor am I prepared to defend a one party state in public. I am therefore a liberal in the political sense. In my ideal state it will be possible for people to pursue their politics through a non-violent means through elections and campaigning, as democracy is meant to be.

Social Issues – It is extremely important for a society to have an absolute and conservative vision of social relations. Traditional marriages between man and woman must be upheld at any cost. The traditional family must be aggressively defended. It is also necessary to provide school students moral and religious education, or alternatively, an education in secular morality. Abortions must be prohibited. Prostitution cannot be allowed to exist legally. Drug usage also offers nothing positive to a society and would also be banned.

Censorship – There must be complete censorship of objectionable and destructive influences. There can be no sexual themes displayed in any sort of media, but romantic love should be encouraged. Violence and disturbing images should also be censored. Distributors of pornographic materials would be sent for hard labour.

Death Penalty – I am against the death penalty for the simple reason that the criminal justice system is not perfect. A life of hard labour is a viable alternative for the most heinous criminals. Cold shower treatment in sub-zero conditions can also be a good punishment for murderers and rapists.

Economy and Society – Economic policy must be oriented towards creating full employment and allowing the citizenry to enjoy as high a standard of living as possible. It must therefore be aimed at maximizing employment through state initiatives. Corporations should be instilled with a social consciousness and a sense of their responsibility to their employees and to their country. Key infrastructure and natural resources such as railways, mining and energy would ideally be nationalised. Government can be trusted to provide public housing and participate in the creation of new industries, working alongside private industry. Health care and education should always be free, including at university level. Austerity is simply unacceptable. An elite world class public health service must be pursued as aggressively as possible. Nordic Social Democracy is a definite system to aspire to.

Foreign Policy – All foreign policy must be conducted on a realist basis. Promotion of ideology abroad is not affordable in the long run. Isolationism should be practiced where possible. Involvement in foreign wars must end. Unless the security of the country is immediately threatened by another state there is no reason to pursue anything but cordial relations with other countries. My only interest in the internal affairs of other countries is the protection of the rights of my fellow Christians.

Immigration – Mass immigration will eventually destroy a society. It must be stopped and reduced to a bare essential minimum so as to avert the demographic marginalisation of the indigenous European peoples.
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By Orestes
Sounds like one-nation conservatism to me. Not the worst ideology to have (as far as the Right goes, that is).

Emphasis on traditional morality and ethno-cultural cohesion does not yet make a fascist. Fascist nationalism is not of the simple "mom and apple pie" variety, but tends to ascribe an essentially religious significance to the nation.

Ironically Oswald Mosley accepted some liberal-democratic tenets, as probably the only fascist ever.
For your "Democracy/Authoritarianism" section you sound like a non-interventionist liberal.

Your "Social Issues" section is very conservative.

Your "Censorship" section seems very religiously strict and conservative, almost like Saudi Arabian Wahhabism. The fact that you want to punish porn producers and distributors with hard labour seems borderline fascistic in terms of how strictly a moral order is enforced in your society.

The "Death Penalty" section shows that you aren't conservative in all cases; rejecting the death penalty seems liberal. But the hard labour and cold-shower treatment methods show that you see criminals in terms of what they can do for society while being punished; something that ideologies on both extremes of the spectrum sometimes share.

The "Economy", "Foreign Policy", and "Immigration" sections give off a bit of a fascist/National Socialist vibe. I say this mostly because of how fascism is similar to your beliefs in that it supports corporations, nationalizes some essential industries, the "protection of the rights of my fellow Christians", and the distaste for immigration caused by your desire to "avert the demographic marginalization of the indigenous European peoples" all show that you care mostly about the wellbeing of a designated ethnic and religious group.

Your ideology does have some issues with it. For example, what if gay marriage becomes something that is supported by the majority of the population? Would the liberal democracy bit of your society remain so that gay marriage is legalized, or will you restrict democracy in order to preserve your "conservative vision of social relations"? How can you ensure that corporations always work with the wellbeing of their employees and nation in mind when history has consistently shown the opposite? What is the "bare essential minimum" of immigration in your society?

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