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By jimjam
There is a virtual complete lack of discussion of America's obesity epidemic in the halls of government while it causes enormous damage on a personal and national level. America would indeed be greater if she were not so fat.

The prevalence of obesity doubled in adults and tripled in children between the 1970s and 2000. According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control, the epidemic shows no signs of abating. Nearly four out of 10 adults are obese; for children, it’s nearly two out of 10. Most 2-year-olds today will develop obesity by age 35.

In adults, obesity substantially increases the risk for some of the most feared illnesses, like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. At all ages, obesity is associated with social isolation, depression and other major mental health problems.

The economic burden of obesity hits low-income and otherwise disadvantaged populations the hardest, exacerbating income and wealth inequality. With insulin now costing up to $900 a month, a diagnosis of diabetes can mean financial ruin for a low-wage worker.

Obesity doesn’t just hurt individuals’ pocketbooks; it also affects the national budget deficit. The epidemic substantially increases federal entitlement spending for medical costs through Medicare, Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income, while the resulting lower worker productivity reduces tax revenues.

Farm policies have made low-nutritional commodities exceptionally cheap, providing the food industry with enormous incentive to market processed foods comprised mainly of refined grains and added sugars. In contrast, vegetables, whole fruits, legumes, nuts and high-quality proteins are much more expensive and, in “food deserts,” often unavailable. Processed foods are heavily advertised, even in educational materials directed at young children. And as cheap calories have flooded the environment, opportunities to burn off those calories at school, in recreation and through physically active modes of transportation have declined.

A counterweight to the corrosive political influence and manipulative marketing practices of “Big Food” manufacturers is needed. It would be helpful to impose a tax on processed foods, and use the proceeds to subsidize whole foods.

A ban junk food advertising to young children, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and practiced in some European countries, should be initiated. Research shows that children below the age of 8 years are cognitively and psychologically defenseless against the manipulation of advertisements.
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By Godstud
We've all got to educate our children about sugar, and obesity.

I have been on a diet for over 2 months(lost 14 kg/31 lb). Avoiding sugar is not as easy as you might think. There is sugar in almost everything that is processed.

Yogurts are full of sugar(very few are pure, and without it). Milk has it. Every drink you get at the store has a lot of sugar in it, even the ones you might not think are very sweet. The food industry feeds the sweet tooth of Americans, Canadians, Brits, etc. by putting it everywhere. We're getting fatter because it's in everything, and we don't even know it, unless we really start looking.

It's not only about health, but quality of life. Being fat sucks. Finding clothing is harder, you don't have as much energy. You feel self-conscious. There's a lot of reasons.

People still fat shame(and to be honest, I don't blame them). Being fat is a choice, but you have to have money, time, and motivation, if you want to lose weight. Calorie counting is shit, too. It's been proven to be BS.

My motivation is so I can call the guys I drink with, "Fat boys!". Revenge is often the best motivation! :D
Avoid Sugar. Avoid processed foods. Drink plenty of water. Repeat after me: fats are your friends. Eat all your meals in an 8 hour time-frame. Burn more than you consume (do physical work or exercise sufficient to equal or exceed your caloric intake). Get adequate sleep.

Its not rocket science people.

We just have a culture built upon demonizing fats instead of sugar which has been a clinical disaster, followed by there being so much prosperity and technology that people literally don't have to do shit anymore and can consume high caloric foods for very little money while sitting on their ever-expanding asses.
Suntzu wrote:Fats have more than double the calories of sugar.

Sure, but calories aren't the main issue, they part of it, but not all of it.

The war on fat that started in the 60s and resulted in the sugarization of the U.S. is arguably the primary cause of the obesity epidemic.

Check out the debates between the British Doctor John Yudkin and the American Ancel Keys on the fat v. sugar debate.

Thats where this all started.
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By Godstud
Suntzu wrote:Fats have more than double the calories of sugar.
Yes, but your body doesn't use it as easily as sugars and carbs. I'm on a high fat, extremely low carb/sugar diet. My body burns fat because it doesn't have carbs/sugars. Calories don't mean shit. Your body processes calories from those sources, differently.

Milk has fat but also has a great deal of sugar(lactose) in it(12g per 250 ml). Skim milk has added sugar. They'll tell you not to sweat it, but the dairy industry pays big bucks for people to think it's good for you. Note: in SE Asia, people hardly drink milk, and they are healthier and obesity is less of an issue.

Diet is 3/4. Fitness is 1/4.

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