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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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War against Diabetes: MOH and HPB are fiddling whilst Rome burns.

Lots of loud music, carnivals, hype and business class air tickets:
Big, expensive weekend carnival/ extravaganza just to collect the steps tracker @ Tampines Hub (1st day was suspended because lightning struck down the computer system):
Flash in the pan, faddish lucky draw prizes (hope u enjoy your (?UNHEALTHY) business class holiday trip):

But so many defects, loopholes and limitations that it's all a Charade/ sham:
Can be attached to domestic pets and animals:

Buy fr Lazada: Steps Counter Generator for [Smart Watch] [Mobile Phone] [Activity Tracker] Automatic Phone Shaker, Steps Clocker, Phone Rocker, Brush Step - Compatible with Apple Health Google Fit Samsung Heath AIA Vitality

The fantastic result:

Each steps tracker costs at least $20 on Qoo10, Alibaba etc and are not water immersible and last I exchanged a spoilt tracker at Challenger, guy says over 50 defective trackers are exchanged everyday at just his store alone (star hub shop was out of stocks for exchange). Looks like somebody is making big bucks from the sale and purchase of these trackers by HPB (MOH).

Why not just focus on reducing T2 diabetes mellitus by genuinely improving fitness and health. E.g. let everyone spend $35 from medisave if they want to buy an electrical impedence weight scale that has a % body fat function because science has shown that % body fat has the highest correlation with risk of T2 diabetes mellitus (stronger correlation than BMI, waist circumference etc).
The lose to win project is also ineffective and substandard insofar as % body fat is a better measurement than the current BMI reference point used.

Decathlon has an entry level weight and % body fat scale for just $35:

People should be given objective and systematic medishield-life insurance premiums rebates based on their health consciousness and % body fat is one effective measure since it measures the body composition: i.e. the balance between nutrients consumed and physical exertion done. Other health indicies used can include the SAF pre-IPPT health screening tests for chronic diseases which includes blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and an ECG for those 35years and above who wish to take the IPPT test (push ups, sit ups and 2.4km run).

HPB already heavily sponsors these test for Singaporeans at GP clinics:

Those with good clinical screening results (% body fat, cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure all within normal limits) and do well in appropriate physical fitness test for their handicap level and age bracket ought to be given the highest levels of medishield-life premium rebates/ discount whilst those already suffering from chronic diseased can still receive half the equavalent rebates if they are fully compliant with treatments and achieve the relevant compliance with treatment KPIs. (Different categories done well will accumulate towards high medishield-life premium rebates, and the highest achievers should get up to 70% discount off basic medishield-life premiums).

Even the elderly and handicapped can have their opportunity to be tested for 'IPPT', personalized for their handicap and age by ActiveSG which can give accurate assessment of fitness acruable towards medishield-life $ rebate benefits:

And WRT the 'sugar tax', poor Michael Phelps, if he were Singaporean, he would have to pay the highest in taxes based upon the amount of sweet stuff that he consumes, yet his % body fat certainly remains fantastic by Olympic standards. Point is that sugar per se is not harmful if done in concurrence with sufficient training/exercise (to burn the energy off):
And Michael Phelps is far from being an obese person:


Diabetes: Body fat percentage, not BMI, predicts risk
Published Mon 23 Apr 2018 By Ana Sandoiu
Fact checked by Jasmin Collier
The results of a new study urge healthcare providers to account for body fat distribution, in addition to body mass index, in their decision to screen people for diabetes and prediabetes.

See: ... t118185116 for updates.
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chrisw wrote:I have heard that Singapore's sugar tax is going to hit pre-packaged drink companies the hardest.

Makes you realize why so many brands are moving their product to a "refreshing new taste" packed full of aspartame instead. Low tax, high cancer.

Healthcare is more politics and business than care in Singapore I guess.
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