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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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MOH/HPB are reckless and irresponsible healthcare organisations.

Because they promote cheating and gambling amongst Singaporeans and are also sleeping on the job.
Cheating to achieve steps count:

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The fantastic result:

Gambling because lucky draws are a main reward mechanism of their 'health' programme, and many of the prizes are not health motivated at all:
In this picture showing HPB CEO Zee Yoong Kang giving out the lucky draw prizes to a participant, one wouldn't notice the difference if he was awarding the prizes for a national betting lottery (4D, TOTO) parricipation, isn't this encouraging gambling addiction, at what point does gambling end and the healthy lifestyle begin? Should healthy lifestyle be associated with something as flippant and farcical as gambling for business class airfare? Is MOH prepared for national steps challenge (NSC) participants to swarm the casinos after the NSC campaign is over?

And the worst part is that if we used the fire services as comparison, MOH would be the most RECKLESS damage control organization around because it's approach to problems would be in fire fighting rather than fire prevention.
They only start to wake up when the fire is totally out of control:

“If you look around, our investments in health promotion and diseases prevention, I think... it is actually significantly lower than the amount of money we spend on treating diseases,” he (Minister Gan Kim Yong) said.
: Due to a lack of "holistic approach towards health promotion, taking into account how can we empower consumers so that they make the right choice" Empower consumers with holistic approach to healthcare: Gan Kim Yong To address the challenges of non-communicable diseases, Singapore needs to move upstream and find ways to keep the population healthy, said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at the Ministerial Meeting on Universal Health Coverage TODAY (11 Feb 2015).

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