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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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By Torus34
The Greek ideal, it's been said, was a sound mind in a sound body. A sound mind would be one that could function rationally. Yet, here in the United States of America we seem, as adults, to be concentrating on but one of the two attributes.

It's a poor town these days which cannot lay claim to at least one gym. Yet, one can look in vain for a place where one can go to improve one's rationality. For a while in the mid 1800's, the lyceum movement suggested that some attention was being given to sound minds. Unfortunately, all that was left behind by that receding tide were movie houses named The Lyceum.

Please note that colleges are not what's called for, especially in this day when colleges have bent the knee to economics. College degrees are measured not by the improvement in the rationality of their students but by the value, in dollars, of their bestowed degrees.

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