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Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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By Robert Urbanek
Several years ago, I was on a date with a woman who mentioned that a doctor had advised her father to go for long walks to improve his health. However, he found this hard to do because he would be hassled by young thugs every time he tried to walk in his neighborhood. I suggested he try walking very early in the morning, presumably when the punks would still be asleep after a night of troublemaking.

I don’t know if my advice proved helpful.

Nevertheless, the incident suggests that poor people who live in dangerous neighborhoods may be overweight or obese, in part, because they are denied the opportunity to engage in the simplest form of exercise: walking. (Though, if they have transportation, they could drive to a mall or other safe public area to do their walking.)

And, of course, the danger isn’t just from people. A person living in my area, who was walking his dog, was attacked by a pit bull terrier somebody had let run loose.
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By Godstud
It mostly has to do with diet, as a good diet will produce more weight loss than simply exercising.
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By BigSteve
Most punks don't carry a gun. I do. I won't have my daily routine dictated by some pieces of shit who want to rob me.

I do understand and respect, though, the fact that there are those who, for whatever reason, choose not to carry a gun. I would then recommend carrying something that I bet everyone on this forum owns: a cell phone charging cable.

I have one that has a braided metal casing. It's five feet long. Take one of those, hold both ends in one hand and hit your thigh as hard as you can. Now, imagine being a mugger and the person you're trying to rob pulls out one of these and starts hitting you all over your, as hard as they can, repeatedly.

The pain is absolutely debilitating.

I carry one when I'm riding my bicycle for the occasional dog that might run up on me...

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