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Here is a very fresh photo. This is the Moscow suburbs two days ago. We went with my wife to a store specializing in all sorts of things for celebrations. On the way I liked this combination of colors :)

Years past pass. An excursion into the past becomes more and more interesting. The mark of 20 years ago is difficult to take - photographs of that time are few. But 15-year-old photos are already available. Photoarchive 2002 is already extensive, just this year, my first digital Canon A40 bought myself :)

I think it will be interesting to see what happened in Russia 15 years ago? :)


In the photo - my workplace of 10.09.2002.

- I do not remember the contents of the system unit, although, probably, it is possible to recall through posts in my forum, its archives are available since December 1998.
- Monitor Samsung 3NE
- Speakers Genius
- The keyboard is some kind of BTC, which is characterized by the fact that it was almost the only completely classical AT keyboard at that time without the left buttons
- Modem U.S. Robotics Sportster Courier ... By the way, the manufacturer somehow disappeared from the market. It's a pity the name was kosher, according to Asimov :D
- Two PDA cradles, for the Casio PV-S450 and for the Audiovox Maestro. The first was interesting with fantastic autonomy. 160 hours from one pair of AAA battery. Batteries for a few months of work (and active reading) was enough. The second is interesting because it was a revolutionary solution - a full-color color PockerPC for $250. But the manufacturer Audiovox in the market and could not resist.
- Folded IBM Thinkpad 560X
So, I continue the theme "15 years ago" :) The car park in Moscow in 2002. In general, at the road junction under my window there were light car accidents on a regular basis. Sometimes twice a week. So there are a lot of photos of this place :) It's interesting that the cars in the majority are still Soviet-made. It will take only 5 years and most cars will become foreign cars. 19 September 2002

Autumn. The area of Ostankino. Moscow. Russia. Earth. Solar system. Milky Way.


In the background is the house-museum of Sergei Korolev, who first pulled people from the gravity pit.
For a long time, the mobile application for Android did not let me here. Now I tried again - it works :) So I write their bus while I'm taking my daughter from school. Before going out, I photographed such a Moscow sunset.


The other day I bought a communicator LG V20. The gadget is chic, but the quality of the camera is slightly worse than the previous LG G4.
JosephRow wrote:I thought they both work at the same pace.В I feel the same way about crocheting. How do yall manage to have the patience for it? lol

For me, too, it's a mystery how you can work independently and asynchronously with both hands :D Although, if you think about it, I'm typing the text on the keyboard, too, like this. But anyway, playing a musical instrument is mysticism for me :)
It so happened that I did not buy pyrotechnics in stores for my whole life. Except for Bengal lights. In my childhood and students I used pyrotechnics myself, then there was no time, then there was nowhere to buy.

A week ago, in the GIS-directory in the phone I made a query for "fireworks" and found a pyrotechnics shop less a mile away from the house.

I went there yesterday. Has bought a bag of all junk :) For 2000 rubles, it's about $35 ;) Firecrackers, crackers, Bengal candles, Roman candles, all sorts of flyers from "moths" to rockets of different calibers. Only I did not buy batteries of salutes, they conceptually did not make me happy.

Today, my family tested it in part. According to the test results, Roman candles were the most liked. But I took small, 0.5", 4 pieces in the set, such

So I went today and took four more "candles", but already 2x 1.5" and 2x 1" :) Another 2000+ rubles :D One and a half inch tubes are such monsters, from the ground to my waist. Especially I was pleased with the instruction - "to thrust into the earth for 2/3 of the length". This is for the pipe almost in the hand thick! :D Apparently, the instruction is taken from small candles.

Although small candles are also interesting in their own way. I think that big candles explode at high altitude, which is cool, but far. And from the small candles the charge takes off about 10 meters upwards. And after the explosion, the lower part of the cloud of burning fragments turns out to be on the ground - in reality everything around shines and shoots :D
There is such a popular anecdote :)Do you want your son to be born or a daughter? — Son of course! I want to buy a radio-controlled helicopter!

I bought a daughter on the New Year as a gift on the AliExpress microscope :) As usual, a gift from a series of the above-mentioned radio-controlled helicopter :D My daughter is not very interesting yet, and I recalled my childhood with pleasure: D Moreover, the increase in this microscope provides better than in school in my childhood.

In the kit there is a set of ready-made preparations, 12 pieces of different vegetation. And I ordered another set of 48 preparations (I have not come yet, a month and a half already on the way). But it's more interesting, of course, to do it myself :)

Here, school classics, peel of onions. An increase of 200 times, but when shooting with a phone through the eyepiece it's difficult to talk about the exact magnification :)

20180103_134325-луковая-кожица.jpg (39.3 KiB) Viewed 4925 times

Here is a crop with a photo of a slice of a leaf of some flower from the kitchen :D Chloroplasts are clearly visible. I remember that I did not see them at school. The cells themselves are big white spots.
Record snowfall in Moscow. I drove my daughter to the lessons of algorithmic work at VDNKh. Returned home, rake pictures :)

20180204_141041.jpg (108.12 KiB) Viewed 4747 times

The snowblower is stuck. The workers dug it out with shovels and pushed it. Even some passers-by approached and advised :D

20180204_140905.jpg (98.83 KiB) Viewed 4747 times
I do not know what modern subway cars look like in the USA. I see them regularly only in the movies, but I do not know how much this corresponds to reality. And in the Moscow metro now there are such interesting trains - they are through. Without separation into individual wagons inside. You can go through the whole train without noticing the change of wagons.

20180127_222803.jpg (83.27 KiB) Viewed 4743 times
Although, if we talk about the subway, then come across and such vintage cars. Interestingly, the car is relatively new, 2010 built. But it's made "under the old days" :)

20101206-2158-img_8733.jpg (54.73 KiB) Viewed 4742 times
Recently opened a new metro station, Troparevo. When I see these trees, the association with the Tree of Pain from Hyperion immediately comes to mind and I look forward to the appearance of the Shrike :)

CAM00197.jpg (67.16 KiB) Viewed 4742 times
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