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Please introduce yourself here.
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By addem
Hi, I'm Adam, from the US. I work as a consultant and tutor for Math, Stats, and data-related stuff. In my down-time I read a lot of Science, History, and Philosophy, and travel a bit with my wife. I also volunteer as a teacher for Bard University's Prison Initiative, which gives inmates education and job preparedness so that they can land on their feet when they get out. I also contribute a little bit of programming and HTML code to a few open-source projects like SymPy, although I am a (poorly) self-taught programmer so I can't do anything for them that's too deep.

Anyway, I like the sound of some of the rules on this forum, it sounds like it's designed to keep people focused on the topics and facts--a lot of other forums seem to be flooded with personal attacks and useless accusations of bias. I'm sure it's impossible to entirely get away from all that, but I respect the attempt.
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By addem
Libertarian353 wrote:Welcome, are you a believer of property rights, no government and guns?


I believe in striving for no government. I love guns. I instinctively believe in property rights, but the exact nature of what "property" is, and what justifies the right to it, is interesting and something I haven't fully ironed out for myself.
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By addem
Saeko wrote:What is your opinion of comrade Stalin, the gentle father of nations?

He's no Putin.

Damn, I did the thing again where I made one post per person. Can't delete the post now. My bad, mods.
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By Libertarian353
Saeko wrote:What is your opinion of comrade Stalin, the gentle father of nations?

Of course the fascist becomes Communist. Proving fascists and commies are big statists anti-property folk. Both sides are the same.
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By anarchist23
Welcome to PoFo.
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By Drlee
Welcome. Try not to love guns. They are not lovable things.
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By addem
Drlee wrote:Welcome. Try not to love guns. They are not lovable things.

Why would I try not to love a thing I enjoy very much? Irrational.
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By Victoribus Spolia

The occasional one line post is not usually enforced too hard (FYI), free speech is well-received here so you can talk about pretty controversial and taboo things like gender, race, religion, etc without being kicked-off (which is great).

75% of the active posters here seem to be serious and atleast semi-intellectual in their posting, 25% are trolls, but they usually show-up to add controversial forms of comic-relief rather than to seriously drag down conversation (though there are a couple of them on both sides of the right-left divide that make up like 5% of PoFo)

Also, diverse posters. I would say most are Leftists (maybe 55-60%) of explictly marxist or marxist-leaning.

Far-Right folks (i.e. fascists, nationalist, alt.right, alt. light, ultra-conservatives) probably make like 15-20%

Libertarians, centrists, and constitutionalists, probably make up 10-15%

Theocrats, Monarchists, Technocrats, Imperialists, etc combined might total 5%, maybe.

This is just a guess based on my experience on here, not a scientific analysis.

I am a neo-monarchal nationalist, patriarchal-fecundist, paleo-colonialist, and semi-theocratic imperialist. I usually get along with most far-right guys, the less politically-correct old-school Marxists, and the more paleo-con variety of libertarian types.

Avoid ad-hominems, never talk bad about PoFo, respect the mods, don't drink and drink, and don't touch children inappropriately or attempt to stage para-military coups on the forum and you'll be alright.


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