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By Potemkin
JohnRawls wrote:Trotsky > Stalin. <3 :excited:

*Gasp!* Them's fightin' words! :peace:
Potemkin wrote:Yeah, I was just joshin' wid ya too, @Politics_Observer. Nuttin' poisonal, like. :D

And I agree - what's the point of falling out with people just because they're wrong about everything (aka, don't agree with me)? ;)

OK Higgins from Magnum PI. I do agree with you on SOME things but not ALL things. It would seem un-natural to ALWAYS agree with somebody ALL the time.

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By JohnRawls
Potemkin wrote:*Gasp!* Them's fightin' words! :peace:

Although Stalinism had some initial success, Stalnisim died out while internationalism of Trotskyism saved it.

Who had the last laugh HUH?

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