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The way I see it, he was the patriarch of a large and powerful political family in DC.

He was also the smartest and most cunning of the Bushes. He had enormous influence on things like US foreign policy. His death is a loss for the neoliberal imperialists.

Would it have been more of a win twenty or thirty years ago? Definitely.

But it is still a minor victory today. The Bushes are not as powerful as they once were.
Pants-of-dog wrote:His death is a loss for the neoliberal imperialists.

This is could be the reason why people are whining and demanding civility for the uncivil.

There are many survivors today of Dead Bush's actions and they ought to be celebrating and so should we, instead of attempting to change the narrative on murderous scum like Bush, McCain, etc.

Fuck that noise. If you want to see only nice things said about warmongers, you only need to turn on pretty much any cable news channel there is. :D
Red_Army wrote:@Heisenberg it's more about showing all the cowards and scum who treat him to saccharine eulogies for the hypocrites they are. Of course it's no victory, but I'm not going to cry over spilt neo-con.

There's a special place in hell for you!

Something I noticed while listening to the eulogies during President Bush Sr funeral was, in addition to the affection and admiration each individual held for him was, while listing his accomplishments, how stark the contrasts were to President Trump.

Author Jon Meacham described GHW Bush as "George Herbert Walker Bush was America's last great soldier-statesman, a 20th century founding father. He governed with virtues that most closely resemble those of Washington and of Adams, of TR and of FDR, of Truman and of Eisenhower, of men who believed in causes larger than themselves. Six-foot-two, handsome, dominant in person, President Bush spoke with those big strong hands, making fists to underscore points." Ouch.

He went on to say "Tell the truth. Don't blame people. Be strong. Do your best. Try hard. Forgive. Stay the course" was George H.W. Bush's "life code," Meacham said, adding it's the "most American of creeds." I think even Trump heard the unspoken "Class, compare, contrast, and discuss"

(Former) Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said "President Bush was also responsible for the North American Free Trade Agreement – recently modernized and improved by new administrations – which created the largest and richest free trade area in the history of the world, while also signing into law the Americans With Disabilities Act which transformed the lives of millions of Americans forever." No apparent digs at DJT here, if we overlook the many superlatives to President Bush'Sr valour in battle, because Pres Trump suffered that agonizing Disability, heel spurs, but Mulroney goes on to say:

"President Bush's decision to go forward with strong environmental legislation, including the Clean Air Act that resulted in an Acid Rain Accord with Canada, is a splendid gift to future generations of Americans and Canadians to savour in the air they breathe, the water they drink, the forests they enjoy, and the lakes, rivers, and streams they cherish." As i'm sure you're aware, dumping the Paris Agreement and trashing the government's website on the environment is a bit of a thorn in my side. And I think with all the reference to honour, valour, decency, and acts of kindness I wondered if President Trump realised all his mocking of gold star parents, of a disabled reporter, tearing children away from their mothers etc all represented his hoisting of himself on his on own petard. This is the man who wants to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.
Meanwhile the grumpy sour losers have to sit next to the two people who famously beat them...

It's awesome to see Hillary that miserable. What retards--whoever in the deep state thought she would be a good president. :roll: Beat by two people with negligible political experience too--twice. Yet, she still clings to the hope of running. What a horrible person. A modern Medusa.
Stormsmith wrote:Something I noticed while listening to the eulogies during President Bush Sr funeral was, in addition to the affection and admiration each individual held for him was, while listing his accomplishments, how stark the contrasts were to President Trump.

Trump is only a new cat on the scene. Give him a few years and he'll have just as much blood on his hands as the presidents before him. And then of course, liberals will begin to love him, as they showed us how much they did when he bombed Syria...
skinster wrote:

Stupid comment.

Any national leader inadvertently bear a lot of blood in his or her hands. They ask for it and they don't give a shit. To them (and in some extent, to me), the dirty things are always out there, and someone gotta do it. The only difference is that whether you are doing it in a more agreeable way.

Don't think Putin or Xi or May or Merkel or Macron, or indeed anyone in power, is free of this.

IMHO even the society is run on anarchism this will still be true.

You should watch the mini documentary I posted above.

Remembering George H. W. Bush; the Warmongering Psychopath
George H. W. Bush was buried last week and even before they laid him down six feet under, the whitewashing had already begun. The internet, television and radio heard an awful lot about how kind he was to his service dog and his love of colorful socks, but heard a lot less about his role in running an onshore terrorist training camp for Latin America's death squads, his role in toppling democratic governments on two continents, his role in arming and supporting Saddam Hussein, then turning on him and kicking off a genocidal war in Iraq whose goal was to bomb an advanced, heavily populated nation "to the pre-industrial era."

In this piece, I shall try to detail the crimes of Bush, the sick propaganda of the corporate media memorials, and the trail of blood, death, and tears Bush leaves behind.

From Iraq to Panama, George H. W. Bush was responsible for countless deaths. Moreover, far from being the moderate voice of reason he is now being presented as in the era of Trumpism, Bush paved the way for right-wing extremists to take control of the US Empire he so carefully preserved.

If one had to briefly summarize George H. W. Bush in a single moment, it would be on the eve of his presidency, in 1988. On July 3 of that year, the US government shot down an Iranian civilian plane, killing all 290 passengers on board, including 66 children. The United States adamantly refused to apologize for this horrific atrocity. Bush was then vice president under Ronald Reagan, and was in the middle of his own campaign for president. At a GOP event just a month later, in August, Bush indirectly responded to the US massacre of Iranian civilians with the following infamous words: “I will never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are.”

The 41st US president’s political life was intertwined with four of the most powerful and profitable business enterprises on the planet: banking, oil, the arms/intelligence industries, and sales of illegal drugs. He began his career as an oil salesman for Dresser Industries and went on to cofound his own oil company, Zapata Petroleum Corp. of Houston. This would spin off to Zapata Offshore and Pennzoil/Zapata. Bush was president of Zapata Oil from 1954 to 1964 and Zapata Offshore from 1964 to 1966.

Tenacious US reports indicate Bush was also an undercover CIA agent in the early 60’s, playing a prominent role in the “Bay of Pigs” invasion of Cuba (code name: Operation Zapata) in 1961 and probably the Kennedy assassination in 1963. Released FBI documents in the late 70s placed Bush in Miami in 1960 and 1961, recruiting Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion. That is, allegedly, how he met Felix Rodriguez who became part of a special CIA shooter team. George Bush, Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Richard Nixon were all traced to Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

Bush was elected to Congress in 1966, but lost a bid for the Senate in 1970. Even so, Nixon appointed him ambassador to the UN in 1971. At that time, he took orders from Henry Kissinger. In 1973, Nixon appointed him Republican National Chairman, where he seems to have played an important, behind-the-scenes role in the Watergate Scandal. Then, as Ambassador to China, Bush helped Kissinger oust Cambodian leader Lon Nol and install Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. More than 2 of a total 7 million Cambodians perished under Pol Pot, an estimated 32% of the population.

In 1976, Bush became Director of the CIA. Bush loved the CIA. It was “part of my heartbeat,” he once said. He was the only president who ever ran the agency, and the last president who truly believed in its Cold War code: Admit nothing, deny everything. In January 1976, when Bush first arrived at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., the CIA was being sacked like a conquered city. A quarter-century’s worth of dirty secrets were starting to spill as Congress combed through its files following Watergate and the revelation that the CIA had spied on Americans in violation of its charter.

Bush Sr. spent much of his energies during his 11 months as director battling senators coming to the conclusion of their year-long investigation of the CIA. They uncovered the existence of assassination plots, secret wars, antidemocratic coups and mind-control experiments using LSD on unwitting human guinea pigs. Bush denounced these revelations saying “they devastated the morale of perhaps the finest group of public servants this country has.”

When elected Vice President in 1980, he put his family fortune into a blind trust under the control of his close friend, William Stamps Farish III. William Farish had long been Bush's closest friend and confidante. Bush could count on Farish not to betray the violent secrets surrounding the Bush family money. For Farish's own family fortune was made in the same Hitler project, in a nightmarish partnership with George Bush's father.

He made a dishonest case for war. Thirteen years before his son, George W. Bush, lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify his invasion and occupation of Iraq, the father made his own set of false claims to justify the aerial bombardment of that same country.

For a start, Bush told the American public that Iraq had invaded Kuwait “without provocation or warning.” What he omitted to mention was that the US ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, had given an effective green light to Saddam Hussein, telling him in July 1990, a week before his invasion, “We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.”

By then, the US had illegally sold tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons, including chemical and biological weapons, to Saddam Hussein during his war against Iran in the 80’s to help him “build the strongest regional power in the Middle East”. According to retired Brigadier General Bowen (in The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed), Bush and Saddam Hussein split about $250 billion in Persian Gulf oil kickbacks during the 1980’s, which were laundered through the scandal-ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

Then there was the fabrication of intelligence. Bush deployed US troops to the Gulf in August 1990 and claimed that he was doing so in order to assist the Saudi Arabian Government in the defense of its homeland. As Scott Peterson wrote in the Christian Science Monitor in 2002, “Citing top-secret satellite images, Pentagon officials estimated … that up to 250,000 Iraqi troops and 1,500 tanks stood on the border, threatening the key US oil supplier.”

And just like that, Bush Sr. gave himself a green light to drop a whopping 88,500 tons of bombs on Iraq and Iraqi-occupied Kuwait, many of which resulted in horrific civilian casualties. US bombs also destroyed essential Iraqi civilian infrastructure, from electricity-generating and water-treatment facilities to food-processing plants and flourmills. This was no accident. As Barton Gellman of the Washington Post reported in June 1991: “Some targets, especially late in the war, were bombed primarily to create postwar leverage over Iraq, not to influence the course of the conflict itself. Planners now say their intent was to destroy or damage valuable facilities that Baghdad could not repair without foreign assistance. … Because of these goals, damage to civilian structures and interests, invariably described by briefers during the war as ‘collateral’ and unintended, was sometimes neither.”

To simply put it, the Bush administration deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure for “leverage” over Saddam Hussein. Explain to me how this is not terrorism? As one Harvard public health team concluded in June 1991, less than four months after the end of the war, the destruction of Iraqi infrastructure had resulted in acute malnutrition and “epidemic” levels of cholera and typhoid. By January 1992, Beth Osborne Daponte, a demographer with the US Census Bureau, was estimating that Bush’s Gulf War had caused the deaths of 158,000 Iraqis, including 13,000 immediate civilian deaths and 70,000 deaths from the damage done to electricity and sewage treatment plants.

And when you think it ends there, under Bush’s watch, the CIA spent over $3 billion dollars fomenting holy war “Jihad” and training and funding the Mujahadeen terrorists including Osama bin Laden himself, their networks, and training camps in Afghanistan. Thus, the Taliban, the Mujahadeen, and Osama bin Laden were established as CIA assets and remained so until the day Bin Laden was “buried deep in the Arabian Sea”. Not coincidentally, under CIA supervision during the 80’s, Afghanistan became the number one heroin producer and exporter in the world. In 2000, the Taliban government banned the production of poppies (heroin). However, after the 2003 invasion of Iraq and installation of an American puppet government, Afghanistan again became the number heroin producer in the world.

Under Bush’s supervision of the first “War on Terrorism,” hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed, tortured and disappeared in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Another million or so each, again mostly civilians, were killed in the US-supported and funded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq/Iran.

The US mainstream media and international news media engaged in sick propaganda during the past couple of weeks. Leave the stories about how classy Bush supposedly was, how cool his marriage was, how he built a father-son relationship with Bill Clinton, how he was nice to Barack Obama, how he always wore those funny socks, leave all of that for gullible Americans who get high on presidential memorials. The rest of us, the rest of the world, we all remember George H. W. Bush’s countless crimes that were committed in public, from the highest chambers of power, in the most dominant nation in the world.

The accounting for his crimes should also be done in public. Don’t you dare tell us to have respect for his “passing”. Don’t you dare tell us that it’s not the time to discuss any of this. We will not pretend that he was not a mass murderer with so much blood on his hands. US based journalist believe today that they are so brave in calling out Trump’s lies, in investigating his real estate deals, in probing his associates. Yet none of them has the spine to accurately describe the well-documented, indisputable crimes committed by George H.W. Bush. We shall not be silenced by the corporate media class and an elite political class who are keenly whitewashing the life of a man, who used his various positions to wage unthinkable wars, to undermine democratic movements, to kill innocent people, to orchestrate coups and invasions.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a man who killed in large numbers to the sound of trumpets of glory and fake patriotism. That’s why all of these powerful news organizations, all of these Democrats and Republicans are engaging in willful lies and intentional whitewashing. It is sickening to watch all of this and to remember the countless lives that this man was responsible for ending across the globe. Put your religion of American exceptionalism at rest, we shall not be silenced for the war crimes committed by the likes of Bush Sr. in the name of “freedom and democracy” for the blatant reason of more profit and more power. ... 51&cid=269
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