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Deutschmania wrote:Oh , so you are an Adventist . This explains so much , as to where you are coming from , in terms of biblical prophecy .

No, I am not and Adventist. I suppose you are referring the the Seventh Day Adventist. I am a Baptist, named after John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus, when He became the anointed One (Matthew 3:13-17).

I have already seen that Jewish video on Isaiah 53. I obviously disagree with his interpretation, as all Christians do. He is still in the blind state.
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it has zero to do with white supremist its about dislike for Muslims which is becoming common
due to thier terriost acts around the globe and twisted religious ideals.

one day newzeland citizens will regret thier banning of certain guns.
it may not be in my lifetime but it will happen. the people of Venezuela are as we speak and they lost thiers in 2012
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