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By noemon
News wrote:Anguish , restlessness and fear prevails in the ranks of the 150,000 Greeks living in Ukraine and particularly in Crimea after the neo-Nazi right section took over control of developments .

Terror has caused the declaration of the right-wing elements - which in the chaos that sank Ukraine, it managed to be the only organized political force - that will evict all national minorities , to "purify " the country . In Ukraine there are still significant communities of Greeks.

Alexandra Protsenko is the president of the Federation of Greek Communities throughout Ukraine, which has approximately 150,000 Greeks living there. According to, she does not hide that their panicked watching the news on TV, the changes taking place in the country .
Alexandra Protsenko-Pitsatzi

Of course, she stresses that "as a Greek community we are united, compact. The Greeks in Ukraine did not have any role in the recent controversy and generally remained neutral as nobody was chasing them. A minor concern is for some right-wing extremists , who emerged last and ask for example to take to jail or force to leave the country all those that do not speak Ukrainian" she specified.

Alexandra Protsenko , does not hide her concerns. "We have eleven MPs of Greek origin, who had problems. We are in contact with them, because of course we are interested to have a strong Greek presence in the House regardless of who is in charge. Commanders in six major regions are of Greek origin. There are also examples of Greek mayors in purely Greek villages, who were appointed by the Yanukovych government and we do not know now if they will be changed . Only in areas of Mariupol and Donetsk have 48 Greek villages and do not know how the latest developments will affect them."

According to the 2001 census, the Greek - Russian speakers now - totaled 93,000. They argue that their real number reaches 150,000 people, since many did not declare their true national identity then, because of inherited fear and post-Soviet national insecurity. The Greek communities are scattered throughout the country , with the main concentration area of Mariupol region , where the first twenty villages of immigrants of the 18th century have doubled. Greek communities meet in Odessa, on the border with Romania, on the northeast Kharkiv and Lviv ( Lvif in Ukrainian ), which is considered the birthplace of extreme Ukrainian nationalism .

They have organized themselves into associations, which amount to 105 and now have created and the Appellate Body, under the name "Federation of Greek Associations of Ukraine". The Greek language is taught in hundreds of children, while seats for Greek studies of Mariupol, Kiev, in Simferopol and Lviv universities have trained hundreds of teachers of the Greek language .

Bills being passed by the Ukrainian parliament after the flight of Viktor Yanukovich have caused the ire of Ukrainians of Russian descent, as well as Moscow, and are raising eyebrows around the world.

Among the bills passed by the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) there is one of especial interest to Greeks, as it bans the use of their native language to minorities. Greek is an official minority language in Ukraine, which has a Greek diaspora community of 150,000.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has published an official statement, in which the most recent actions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were found illegitimate.

The statement runs that Ukraine is now "rubber stamping" laws violating the right of national minorities, including Russians. All this is being done with reference to revolutionary reforms.

The ministry noted that Ukraine is threatening Russian-speaking individuals and conducting a struggle against monuments of Russian culture.

More specifically, on February 23, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) voted the following bills:

4201 – Bill to ban Ukrainian Communist Party activity.

4217 – Bill to redress antecedents of the Soviet occupation of Ukraine.

4176 – Bill to repeal law penalizing Nazi propaganda.

4184 – Bill to place V. Avakov as minister of the interior and members of “Right Sector” party on ministry staff (Avakov also belongs to the party which many consider fascist). Σ

4215 – Bill to establish a “Pantheon of national heroes.”

4203 - Bill to curb state spending.

4215 – Bill to pay tribute to participants in the clashes during peaceful demonstrations.

4197 – Bill to place "Svoboda" party member Α.Mahnitskogo as Prosecutor General.

4204 – Bill delineating the duties of the President of the Uraine.

4191 – Bill to place "UDAR" party member V.A. Nalivaychenko as overseer of Ukrainian Security Agencies

4211 – Bill to fire incumbent officers and personnel of security forces and replace them with new personnel (the latter are believed to be members of extreme right wing groups).

4199- Bill to repeal the use of their native language by minorities, which refers to Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Greek.

On 25 February, the Rada also voted to send the fugitive president Viktor Yanukovych to the international courts (The Hague) to be tried over the violence that led to at least 82 deaths in Kiev last week.
4176 – Bill to repeal law penalizing Nazi propaganda.
4199- Bill to repeal the use of their native language by minorities, which refers to Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Greek.

Is this serious?
These are the first bills they adopted??
Impressive priorities.
Relevant to this thread, here's what some sources claim is an intercepted conversation between Tyagnibok and Yarosh.

To be honest, I have a hard time believing in its authenticity and normally I'd say something like this is a fake (it sounds too straightforward and stereotypically evil), however the way the latest developments in Ukraine are heading, I am honestly not sure if it is. After all, these are essentially neo-nazi movements. You be the judge.

I did my best to translate it to English, below:

Information about the meeting of the leaders of the Maidan Oleg Tyagnibok (party "Freedom") and Dmitry Yarosh ("Right sector") became part of the public domain. It took place on February 25 in Kiev restaurant "Turgenef" on Large Zhytomyr. The abridged transcript of the conversation is published below:

D. Yarosh : Oleg, you already know that they'll ditch us soon. Well, maybe not me because Maidan is behind me, but you they'll ditch for sure.
O.Tyagnibok: That would be difficult since "Freedom" is now in the lead.

D.Yarosh : That's true only now. They'll not let "Freedom" to gain power. That yid with punched-out brains (presumably V.Klichko) and Yatsenyuk will both push you aside. They already started pushing Julia. Did you see what they showed on "1+1" (tv channel) about Zhenya (the daughter of Julia Timoshenko Eugenia)? How would you react if they did that about your Darinka (Tyagnibok's daughter)? It's total mudslinging. And it will get worse.

O.Tyagnibok : Are you sure about Zhenya?
D.Yarosh : Yes. It's Martynenko's job, and Yatsenyuk stands behind him.

O.Tyagnibok : A Julia Vladimirovna (Tymoshenko) know about this?
D.Yarosh : I think she knows.

O.Tyagnibok : What do you suggest?
D.Yarosh : It's very simple. Our goals are the same. We both stand for Ukraine without Yids and Katsaps (Russians derogatory). You'll help me, I'll help you. Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, the "boxer", and Julia too, they all think only about how to best grab as much money as possible. And Julia also wants to avenge her imprisonment to her "benefactors". They do us more harm than good.

O.Tyagnibok : So what do you expect from me?
D.Yarosh : Oleg, I need neither power nor money. If I wanted them, I would have already had both. I want Ukraine to be for Ukrainians. Right now I need to become the chief of the SBU. Yes and to clean up the communications of our "bespeki" (security forces) with Muscovites , and they know too much about us. If you help me, we can work together.

O.Tyagnibok : I've heard that your guys wanted to make you the head of SBU, but did not think it was true. Why do you need it? Go into politics. You have a lot of support.
D.Yarosh : Politics? Why? So I can wear a beautiful jacket? I already have the power. Gone are the times when we indulged slingshotting. Now I have so many weapons that it will be enough to break all kinds of "internal occupants". If my guys have the SBU, I will bring order to the "katsapschine" (East Ukraine derogatory) and in the Crimea. Katsaps will flee Sevastopol voluntarily. I'll cause the earth to burn under their feet. Matrosnyu will start to choke some of them, maybe blow up a couple of ships. They'll flee like rats and take their henchmen with them! I'll crush all this evil. Parallelly we could start stirring shit up in Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk regions (Russian regions with Ukrainian population). Prepare battle groups of Tatars and direct them to the Caucasus to help the Emirate. Bellamy Muzychko will help with that. He has the experience, connections, the Chechens respect him. Point is - the more problems the Muscovites have at home, the less they will be a problem for us and the less they'll bother us. In the meantime we can gather strength to stand on our own feet.

O.Tyagnibok : You have plans like Napoleon.
D.Yarosh : No, like Bandera.

O.Tyagnibok : And what if the Katsap rise in Ukraine? In Donetsk, Kharkiv, Sevastopol there's lot of them. "Regions" and Commies are still showing some teeth.
D.Yarosh : They'll swallow it and wash it down with yushkа (Ukrainian soup). I think we can quietly remove the most violent of them. The rest will calm down.

O.Tyagnibok : That's risky. Кemember Gangadze?
D.Yarosh : Kuchma was simply betrayed. And by his own people. It doesn't happen with us. If we do something, we do it well. None had yet "surfaced".

O.Tyagnibok : And what will Europe say? They won't tolerate bloodshed for long.
D.Yarosh : Oleg, let's clarify where we stand. I am willing to endure this circus about Euro-integration as long as we're not seriously talking about joining the EU. I would rather embrace a Kuban Cossack than a Euro fag. Joining Europe is death for Ukraine. Death for the state and for Christianity. We want Ukraine for Ukrainians, ruled by Ukrainians and not serving the interests of others. Including America and the EU. And there's no other way.

O.Tyagnibok : Okay, with Muscovites and Europe it is clear enough, what about the Poles? They are seriously claiming Volyn now. On the maps they're already drawing Eastern Kresy (eastern borderlands). There are strong pro-Polish sentiments there. If we can't reach an agreement with the EU, they might release the Polish dogs on us. In January, the Polish Sejm accused "Freedom" of conducting an anti-Polish policy. They called me an anti-Semite and a Russophobe. There was so much howling!

D.Yarosh : You should be proud. No one called me that yet! OUN and UPA didn't kill enough AK (Armia Krajowa)? If they raise their little heads, we'll give them a second Katyn in no time. We won't give a meter of Ukrainian land to any Muscovite nor lyahs (Poles), even more so to the Jews! There's enough streetlamps for everyone. And to you, friend, I have the following proposition. I will not dismiss the Maidan until the presidential election. I'll establishes control over the work of the most important ministries and authorities in the regions. I'll provide support for our movement. Together with the political capabilities of your "Freedom", we will be powerful. Later, if the patsyuks (rats) start selling Ukraine again, we will again raise the Maidan and take power.

Also seems like a strange place to end the transcript. Anyway, at least the Greeks aren't mentioned.
As the protectors of the Crimean Tatars, the Ottoman Emp... I mean Turkey would also like those territories back. Pretty please?

On a more serious note...

4176 – Bill to repeal law penalizing Nazi propaganda.
4199- Bill to repeal the use of their native language by minorities, which refers to Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Greek.

Is this serious?
These are the first bills they adopted??
Impressive priorities.

Wow. I am speechless.
Wow. I am speechless.

What is surprising about neo-fascists behaving like neo-fascists?
I suppose every fanatical contributor on here who backs liberal universalist principles and the form of violent imposition they take when pushed in previously unaffected pockets in the world will go on about the Right Sector-aligned movement and people representing the "extreme fringe". There's nothing fringe about the involvement of them and Svoboda in the anti-government rioting on the Maidan, and now EU and U.S. ministers have helped such people attain power, at least temporarily.

It's not surprising. The goal is to erode, in Europe and every other continent, national governments which are not on board with a certain policy package called "liberalization", "modernization", "Westernization", "democratization", etc. or whatever other euphemism they can dream up for wholesale theft of people's resources and the stamping out of both their identity and children's hope for a better future with a financier's jackboot.

If that involves alliance with fascists, they will do it. If that involves alliance with Al-Qaeda they will do it. If that involves alliance with anarchists or Marxists they will do it. If that involves alliance with church officials, with the Mafia, with pedophiles, with prisoners, with lawyers in "civil society", they will do it. They will just as soon throw each and everyone of those groups under the bus which is why Ukrainian fascists are making a grave mistake by cooperating with this externally cooked-up agenda for Ukrainian nationhood.

The Ukrainian fascists believed closer relations with Russia was a betrayal of Ukraine. The narrow chauvinism behind their position has been exploited by the pre-existing layer of Ukrainian society predisposed to identify with their international colleagues and Western liberalism. The true betrayal of Ukraine began with the people on the Maidan, far-right, apolitical, and starry-eyed liberal alike.

It reminds me of that phrase "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".
Potemkin wrote:What is surprising about neo-fascists behaving like neo-fascists?

Some people might believe it's 1941. They will have to realise it soon that it isn't.
Some people might believe it's 1941. They will have to realise it soon that it isn't.

For what it's worth, I agree. The fascist boat sailed a long time ago.
Doomhammer wrote:As the protectors of the Crimean Tatars, the Ottoman Emp... I mean Turkey would also like those territories back. Pretty please?

Only if you get Britain and France to back you up.

Bill to repeal the use of their native language by minorities, which refers to Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Greek

Huh. Isn't Catholic Hungary generally considered part of the "anti-Orthodox" side*?
They're kind of pissing on both sides here.

* Yes I know the Ukrainians are Orthodox too, but that seems to be overridden by their antipathy towards Russia.
Gletkin wrote:Huh. Isn't Catholic Hungary generally considered part of the "anti-Orthodox" side*?
They're kind of pissing on both sides here.

As you know they're Orthodox too, as well as they are chauvinists pissing on everyone else.
The party of regions was not just pro-russian, it was more generally pro national minority party kind of like democrats in the US or Ba'athists in Syria. It had decent support among all those fearful of unrestrained Ukrainian nationalism
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