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Israel is a colonial state which was created on top of Palestine in the 1940s, when European zionist militias ethnically-cleansed thousands of Palestinians, from their centuries-old-homeland.

To claim the natives don't value their own lives is an attempt to dehumanize them, in an attempt to absolve yourself of the crimes of ethnic-cleansing and genocide, crimes based on racial supremacy and crimes that continues today. Those zionist militias learned well from the nazis right before them.

Repeating over and over again the lie that Palestinians don't care about their lives is something else learned well from the nazis. It doesn't make it true. Anyone in the position of the Palestinians would resist their colonization. Any single person reading this would. Because it's a natural response. Jabotinsky wrote about that, years before Israel was created:

My readers have a general idea of the history of colonisation in other countries. I suggest that they consider all the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one solitary instance of any colonisation being carried on with the consent of the native population. There is no such precedent. ... -wall-quot

Israel is considered a pariah state to most of the world's people. The above reasons are just a few reasons for why that's the case, other reasons are because they still militarily occupy millions of Palestinians, deny them human rights, freedom of movement, kill them regularly and nearly always with impunity, massacre large numbers of Palestinians periodically, imprison people without trials, torture their children as well as the grown-ups, murder their journalists and poets, etc. I could go on, and I will, as soon as someone gives me the opportunity. :)
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No sympathy.

Under UK rules of engagement ("imminent danger") the marine could legally have put a couple of rounds into him from 50 yds, searched the dead body, and saved himself a lot of bother.

He decided to play silly buggers.
its true that they dont value their own and its not an attempt to dehumanize them thats just a fact.
it can even be seen by how they are driving on the road
lets not even start about their martyr culture and about the Palestinian mothers who want their sons to become shahids (martyrs)

not valuing human about life is something cultural in the middle east it can be seen everywhere especially now in the Syrian civil war
I'm sure you know that Palestinians lived there before you and that's why they are still there, and that your family moved over to their land after you were born. You're not even Jewish, I don't know what excuse your family used to be able to move onto another people's land, but since so few Jews want to move to Israel, they're probably taking on any zionists now, to help with their "demographic problem".
I dont need any excuses

I just dont give a fuck

just like you dont give a fuck about living on native American land

few jews wanna move to Israel?

There are alredy 6.5 million in Israel and another 6 million who live in the US the rest are spread around the world

there are almost no Jews in Arab countries I wonder why? :excited:

dont worry more and more Jews are moving to Israel I have a French Jew friend who moved to Israel because of the Muslims persecution there
he say if not for the Muslims he wouldnt move

people like you encourage Jews to move to Israel :lol:
There are alredy 6.5 million in Israel and another 6 million who live in the US the rest are spread around the world

dont worry more and more Jews are moving to Israel I have a French Jew friend who moved to Israel because of the Muslims persecution there
he say if not for the Muslims he wouldnt move

What ZN said. Israel become over crowded which makes the option to give up the West Bank unrealistic. On recent years tens of thousand Jews from France and Belgium moved to Israel. Don't know where the BDS adherent took her propaganda.
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I know you don't give a fuck, it's just that some people don't understand the true mindset of zionists and think you guys are victims, so thanks for showing others what you guys are really like.

Things have been going downhill as far as aliyah figures from countries outside of the main 3 that aliyah is made from, and for tourism in general in Israel, since you guys killed thousands of defenceless and imprisoned Palestinians on TV in 2014.
Zionist Nationalist wrote:Skinster I dont know if haven't realized it but most people dont care about the Israeli Palestinian conflict

Thanks to Arab Spring. It was a world obsession for about 50 years.

The Muslims are also realizing the new changes ... mentations
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Politiks wrote:At least Israelis love their own life, while Palestinians don't love any life, not even their own. When will people stop pretending Palestine was this peaceful, incredibly prosperous nation that was destroyed by Israelis? That was Lebanon, peaceful, prosperous and destroyed by Palestinian Muslims.

Yes Israel is brutal, question remains: how to deal with a entire region that wants you dead, erased from the map? What you want Israelis to do? let them in for a cup of coffee? Allow them to bomb Israel to the stone ages? Seriously, do you really think Palestinians will be happy with anything less than Israel and Israelis extinction?


They are not just encouraging their children to die and to kill and then whining about their lost, they also export this death cult to the west. A typical Apartheid Week on American campuses. Watch the shahid (martyr) coffin. It can be a symbolic sucide bomber coffin.


Immigrants themselves who live on a state built on Indian lands calling other to "Go Back To Europe"


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