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There is no value for live in Muslim societies

Muslims never cared about their citizens or their soldiers they would never do anything for a single kidnapped or missing soldiers like Israel did
during wars they even shot their own soldiers that retreated like in the 67 war


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Adding fake-quotes to shitty memes is :lol:

Yes, convince us how zionists love life while they militarily occupy, imprison and starve millions of Palestinians....and massacres thousands of them periodically. The Palestinians are just somehow killing themselves with all those weapons that Israel begs America for every year.

Zionist Nationalist wrote:lol whats your point?

sure they have much greater casualties and thats good

My point is that Israelis are viciously militarily occupying millions of Palestinians and have been for decades. Apartheid is a crime. Occupation is a crime. Occupation is daily violence on the Palestinians that you would die under if you lived it for a week.

It's easy to act edgy when you have the big guns but the people's support doesn't favour you and you'll pay in time, so in the meantime you can continue sitting there like the world's biggest pariah state at this current time and you can continue acting like you don't give a fuck, because it gladly reveals zionists for what they are; I know your opinion isn't uncommon from your ilk and the more people see it, the better for everyone, so thank ye ZN. :D
Similar case of Royal marine Sgt Alexander Blackman case was in the closing days of British Palestine. He was Major R. A. Farran charged with the murder of Alexander Rubowitz, (16) but acquitted.

On May 6 a Jewish boy of 16, suspected of being a member of
the Stern Group, was abducted from a street in Jerusalem by a
group of plain-clothes policemen, working under the orders of
Major R. A. Farran, D.S.O. He shouted for help ; passers-by
tried to rescue him, but desisted when the men produced their
Police cards.

"The boy appears to have been taken to an isolated spot
outside the city and tortured to death. No trace has been found
of the body. The incident created a deep stir. Several weeks
later it became known that Major Farran had escaped to Syria,
and that a request for his extradition had been made. He was
actually handed over, but escaped from military detention at the
Allenby Barracks in Jerusalem, apparently with the assistance
of members of the special anti-terrorist squad to which he
belonged. He subsequently surrendered to the police."

Farran was tried by a military court-martial on October i,
1947, having previously been released from his Police duties so
that he could revert to Army status. At the court-martial counsel
for the defence objected to having the defendant's diary produced
as evidence on the grounds that the diary was part of his defence ;
the objection was granted. Farran's superior officer, Colonel
B. Ferguson, refused to testify about certain statements which
Farran had made to him, on the grounds that his testimony
would be self-incriminatory. (Colonel Ferguson resigned from
service a short time later.) On October 2 Farran was acquitted.
On his arrival in Liverpool harbour he was cheered by a crowd
of several thousands. His memoirs were serialized by a popular
English Sunday paper. His brother was killed by a letter-bomb
sent by the Stern Group.

How rapidly
this proverbially tolerant people had become transformed into
the most anti-Semitic nation of the West became evident when a
crowd of thousands thronged to the Liverpool docks to welcome
an ex-officer of the Palestine Police, freshly acquitted of the charge
of beating to death a Jewish boy of 16.

Promise and Fulfilment - Palestine 1917-1949 - Arthur Koestler

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skinster wrote:Israel refuses to allow Palestinians to have their own state because the plan all along was to settle in and colonize all of the land.

I suspect you're correct to a point. The illegal settlements have caused a massive problem for Israel. Do they retreat and upset the settlers who are Jews or remain and be internationally condemned? The US puppet masters have given them their veto they need in the UN. But all this does is create them more problems than it's worth in the long run. Palestine should be free from obsession. The US are quick to liberate enemies of the free world but seem morally reluctant in this circumstance. Natually there is politics involved. But until Palestine is soveign there will never be peace. And as I said, logically there is no reason to not grant them independence. Hence Palestines majority support in the UN council.

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