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noir wrote:@B0ycey, are you British? There was similiar case in British Palestine. Taliking about the OP

I am British. And I consider the creation of Israel our biggest moral mistake in history. Not because Israel was created, but because they were unfair in land distribution when it was. Natually the Palestians were going to kick off and reject the deal. And today we live with this consequence.

As for the similarities with another case, I am not surprised. In war there should be no rules. Not because there shouldn't be but because it is impossible to adhere to them. Especially when the enemy doesn't follow the same rules. Otherwise you handicap yourself. Blackman unfortunately had to be prosecuted because he did break the Geneva Convention. But he does have a legal right to quash or reduce his sentence if there is evidence to do so - just like any other person found guilty of a crime. But do you think he was the only person to do this? No chance. But he was unfortunately recorded doing it and that says it all about this Geneva code. You have a rule that is getting broken because it is impossible to adhere to in war, but because the suits in Geneva who don't fight in these illegal wars feel more humane by signing up to them, a combat soldier has to fight with these rules and ultimately risk their and their comrades lives by sticking to them.
Israel is not your fault, it was created against the will of the British with fierce terrorist/guerrilla campaign.

Especially when the enemy doesn't follow the same rules.

The kid was unarmed, his crime was distributing fliers and posters for Stern Group

Alexander Rubowitz affair
On 6 May 1947, 16-year-old Alexander Rubowitz disappeared while putting up posters for Jewish paramilitary group Lehi. Palestine police CID believed he had been caught and killed by Farran's squad; Gurney ordered them "to proceed with the case as an ordinary criminal offence with the object of bringing Farran and any other accused to trial".[35] According to an account ruled inadmissible at Farran's trial, Rubowitz was taken to a remote location where, after brutal attempts to extract information, he was killed by Farran with a rock and the body given to an Arab for disposal.[36] Suspicions of Farran's involvement were first raised after a grey trilby hat, bearing worn lettering compatible with his name, was found near the street corner where a struggling Rubowitz was seen being pushed into a car.[36] Farran claimed he was being framed and fled to Syria. Colonel Bernard Fergusson persuaded Farran to return voluntarily.[36] However, when, contrary to Fergusson's assurances, he was arrested, Farran escaped to Jordan, finally returning when he heard of reprisals being planned against British officers.[36] He was brought to trial in a British military court in Jerusalem.[32][36]
noir wrote:Israel is not your fault, it was created against the will of the British with fierce terrorist/guerrilla campaign.

I wish that was true Noir. Perhaps not entirely. The UN needs to take some of the blame I suppose. But the British were definitely not blameless.

The kid was unarmed

After reading you post Noir, I would say these cases are not similar. Farrans case is far more worse and has no justification.
Excellent title, "Days from a different World", perfectly describing history that happened before almost everyone on this forum was born. History is very important in understanding how the present-day world is build, not to use as a blueprint for all future human endeavours.

Any anti-Semitic attacks against Israel can gather oxygen from the simple fact that Israel markets itself as a "Jewish"-state, thereby actively discriminating any others within its territory (and somewhat outside). We could argue how much truth there lies in such a statement but we can not argue that this is increasingly spreading as an opinion around the world. Any attempts to deflect on other world issues or mitigate behavior by referencing history is not changing this fact.

B0ycey wrote:I suspect you're correct to a point. The illegal settlements have caused a massive problem for Israel. Do they retreat and upset the settlers who are Jews or remain and be internationally condemned?

The settlements were purposely planned, to take more Palestinian land. The Israelis aren't going to spend billions on settlements to have them removed in the future; the plan was always to take over the entirety of Palestine. In this very forum and elsewhere if you listen to zionists, you will hear them refer to the West Bank with stupid biblical names, because that land is theirs according to them, and fuck whatever laws or the international community dictate...
Decky wrote:The British Empire gives the Jews a country for free and even help defend them from the natives of the land and how do the Jews repay their debt? Blowing up British soldiers. :lol:

I'm split on the issue, the British soldiers are legitimate target by the rule of war, but they only executed the policy, they were lovely, mainly working class young chaps, Israel should had kill these sort of Brits. Even today.
skinster wrote:Adding fake-quotes to shitty memes is :lol:

Yes, convince us how zionists love life while they militarily occupy, imprison and starve millions of Palestinians....and massacres thousands of them periodically. The Palestinians are just somehow killing themselves with all those weapons that Israel begs America for every year.


At least Israelis love their own life, while Palestinians don't love any life, not even their own. When will people stop pretending Palestine was this peaceful, incredibly prosperous nation that was destroyed by Israelis? That was Lebanon, peaceful, prosperous and destroyed by Palestinian Muslims.

Yes Israel is brutal, question remains: how to deal with a entire region that wants you dead, erased from the map? What you want Israelis to do? let them in for a cup of coffee? Allow them to bomb Israel to the stone ages? Seriously, do you really think Palestinians will be happy with anything less than Israel and Israelis extinction?
As a liberal I love diversity, one of things I like about this forum is being able to hear from marginalised voices like @Zionist Nationalist. Our troops should never have been put in this situation. We were far too thinly spread. It was right to support the Northern Alliance in taking Kabul. It was total cretinism to try and create new Switzerland in the Hindu Kush. We should have been carpet bombing Pakistan not allying with it. Afghanistan should be used as a live training ground for our troops.

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