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"Theresa May is to make an unscheduled statement in Downing Street at 11:15 BST after her Cabinet meets.

In an unusual move, Number 10 did not announce what subject she would address but statements by the PM in the street are usually reserved for big announcements.

There is speculation that Mrs May could call a snap general election.

Downing Street has always denied she will call a vote before the next scheduled poll in 2020."
I have posted before my opinion that 23 June 2016 was just part 1 of 'Glorifica Nova', Part 2 being the following general election now in the offing.

The result of the coming election is in CORBYN's hands, but he will fluff it of course.

He, CORBYN, has to answer the following questions that will determine the outcome, answer it wrongly & he is 'toast'.

Will the Labour Manifesto propose that he acts to stay within the 'single market', accept that the price of doing so is continued unfettered 'free movement', increasing U.K contibutions to the E.U & that this definitively means staying within the E.U?

If 'YES', does he accept that he will lose the election, along with the consequences of losing, such as greater division that his party has failed to attack the Tories for, the full, complete privatisation of the NHS, the deeper,wider poverty that so many people are facing, including Basic State Pensioners or the genuine disabled, the low paid, the ignoring the effects of all the utility companies racketeering, of which neither he nor the Tories have done anything about?

Based on the above, neither the TORIES or 'Labour' are fit to serve the nation or it's people.

Pray, do tell me Mr CORBYN, "Do you feel 'lucky, PUNK"?

With Labour in such disarray there's no way she will lose to Corbyn. UKIP are no threat.

The slight unknown is how the Tories will fare in (mostly) urban areas where people are not keen on a "hard" Brexit and the Lib Dems are a threat, or conceivably pro EU Tories and/or Labour rebels who will take the opportunity to renew what they feel is a mandate to fight EU withdrawal.

With a current majority of 6 seats there is the potential for a group of 20 MPs to hold the balance of power if May doesn't fare as well as she hopes.

Odds are that May will win with a slightly increased majority and a renewed mandate for Brexit. However it is not guaranteed.
Rich wrote:Good grief this is awful, I've got to decide who to vote for.

This is great news. Labour will get stuffed and that will finally spell the end for Corbyn (unless he doesn't quit). Hopefully Burnham might take over and make the party electable again. And Lib Dems will make grounds being a pro EU party. Also currently we have a Tory government. Being that I hate Tories, things can't get any worse than it is now anyway. And at least Labour can become great again with a centrist leader in charge.
demima wrote:She called it to stop the CPS bringing criminal charges against MPs and agents of the Tory party due to the election expenses fraud.

I fucking detest the Tories.

The Tories believe in traditional trans-Atlantic solidarity which is the only hope that left, against European Islamization and suicidal "liberalism".
Cookie Monster wrote:Seems like a huge gamble of May's part. Are there chances that the elections turn into a second polling on Brexit?

That is my slight concern, but realistically neither Labour or the Tories are going to stand on a platform of reversing it. It’s probably too late for a Labour change of leadership. The only possibility of that would be the Lib Dems attracting mass defections of Labour and Tory MPs who want to reverse Article 50 (if that's even legally possible) and forming a group that held the balance of power in a coalition.

Realistically though that would just cause utter chaos, and quite possibly lead to those Remain MPs losing their seats to Leave MPs whether a Tory, Labour or UKIP.

Far more likely that May will increase her majority and Corbyn will look even more useless.

Look at the 1983 election for a sort of parallel.
One other point though - Remain and Leave are probably much more meaningful dividing lines in modern Britain than the obsolete Labour and Tory dividing line. The metropolitan liberal with a blue rosette is much more aligned with the metropolitan liberal with a red rosette than with the northern working class conservative who has always voted Labour or the Conservative voter in the shires. Who in turn have more in common with each other.
demima wrote:She called it to stop the CPS bringing criminal charges against MPs and agents of the Tory party due to the election expenses fraud.

The good old BBC won't let it get brushed under the carpet, though much good it'll do anyone.

I fucking detest the Tories.

I hate the fucking idiots who vote for them more.Traitors.
Rich wrote:Good grief this is awful, I've got to decide who to vote for.

Why? I have not voted in a single general election, that is always an option. Anyway it is a forgone conclusion why bother?

Rancid wrote:I don't understand, you can just call for elections?

That is how it works in the developed world. The PM used to be able to do it literally on a whim (which of course gave the governing party a massive advantage) but sadly the Lib Dems made it slightly more difficult during the coalition government.

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