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What are you talking about, Rancito? The opposition is full of rich Venezuelans who live there, but those gusanos should probably piss off to the U.S. since they like working for it.

Zionist Nationalist wrote:none is supporting maduro his only supporters are dumb fucks

When you contradict yourself in one sentence :D

As U.S. Sanctions Maduro and Plans Regime Change, a Debate on Resolving the Crisis in Venezuela

Wikipedia and Reuters serve US interests.

Are you missing all the links and videos I posted? :eh:

Maduro won the last election. Saying he has no support or little support is denying reality.

The opposition know full well it won't win this next election, which is why it's resorting to violence, funded and directed by the US, Mexico and Columbia. If this was genuine, why would the opposition need Uncle Sam's help, if it had popular support?

Some people are that gullible that'll they'll believe American MSM despite it repeating the same lies again and again to support their regime-change wars, every few years.
World of Warcraft’ video game currency now worth more than Venezuelan money

Digital gold from Blizzard’s massive multiplayer online game “World of Warcraft” is worth more than actual Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, according to new data.

Venezuelan resident and Twitter user @KalebPrime first made the discovery July 14 and tweeted at the time that on the Venezuela’s black market — now the most-used method of currency exchange within Venezuela according to NPR — you can get $1 for 8493.97 bolivars. Meanwhile, a “WoW” token, which can be bought for $20 from the in-game auction house, is worth 8385 gold per dollar. ... lan-money/

Zionist Nationalist wrote:He won the elections 4 years ago

things have changed since than

So what.

Francois Hollande was extremely unpopular in his final year, but the US didn't send terrorists into Paris to "liberate" the French students before a nice NATO bombing of France's infrastructure.

What an incredibly colonial double-standard gets applied by people eager to steal resources from countries they think might be vulnerable.

The for-profit Western war machine is a world disaster, just like climate change.
Venezuelan Electoral System “Best in the World”

Rancid wrote:@skinster

Did you call NPR's On Point this morning? They were talking about Venezuela. People were calling in, and one person called it talking about the food shortages are fake, and that this is all the CIA's doing.

I don't listen to the radio but that person is correct, wikileaks has already revealed US sabotage, but there were shortages, due to the opposition hoarding or setting fire to tons of food, when not doing the same to Black people, courts or the electricity grid.

This who thing makes me glad that the Dominican Republic did not for a single country with Venezuela and Colombia (Gran Colombia) back in the 1800s. Today the DR and the most stable and economically prosperous of all these countries. It's kind of like how Germany's EU membership saddles it with the economic problems of the other member nations.

Dodged a bullet.

Then again, history could unfold very different had that happened. No way to know.
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