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Oxymandias wrote:@Hindsite

There was no such thing as Nigeria and Niger during that time period. Nigeria and Niger are artificial names so that's not a justification.

Also Albert Einstein did not believe in god in a traditional sense. Furthermore he wasn't Christian. He was a Pantheist.

Niger and Nigeria are both named after the "Niger" river which has been know by that name at least since the 1500s. The people in that area along the river were called by that name.

The quote by Albert Einstein can be found in quotes of Albert Einstein and does not mean he was a Christian. Everyone knows he was a Jew and most Jews have some belief in God just because of the culture in which they are raised. Apparently his belief in God was not strong, but seems to have been growing according to his statement.
Yea, you're just jacking his phrasing to give false appeal to yourself. He wasn't a Jew, either. His "God" was not your "God".

But the people who lived near the river didn't call it that.

The people of Niger are very diverse and are not unified under the name "Niger" or "Nigeria". Here is a list of ethnic groups found in Niger: ... ps.5B10.5D

He stated often times that he was agnostic. Furthermore Albert Einstein's parents weren't particularly Orthodox and therefore he wouldn't have been born in that Jewish culture. If he had he would've wore a kippah something that even non-practicing jews wear. This goes to show that Albert Einstein wasn't particularly jewish in a cultural sense.

Um you do understand Pantheism right? Pantheism states that the Universe is God and all it's rules (i.e. physics) are it's sort of holy book. An explanation of how the world works. So if to Albert Einstein the universe is God then of course as he learns more about the universe, the more he believes in God.
This page is full of off-topic garbage that only demonstrates the kind of common racism that is the property of our elite. Macron is a racist idiot because of the class he comes from. Among banksters and corporate elites, a bit of racism is necessary in order to treat most of the world like a sewer for commerce.

Macron is defending the right of France to continue to abuse Africa the way that the USA abuses Latin America:

Step 1: Install your own dictator via force or economic strangulation

Step 2: Get your puppet to borrow billions from your local banks at high interest, often to purchase useless products made in your country, or arms (and bribes) to support the Western puppet regime.

Step 3: Live off the interest.

Step 4: When the inevitable crisis occurs, use this moment to buy national assets really cheaply, forcing the country to borrow even more money just to stay alive without any access to their own resources.

Step 5: Forge an alliance with other imperialist countries doing the same racist crap abroad, as they will help bomb and/or sanction reluctant colonies that get sick of having their blood sucked out of them by their colonial bankster masters. (Macron's gang)
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