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Two people have died and three others are fighting for their lives after a man armed with a machine gun opened fire in a packed German nightclub, according to reports.

Revellers fled from the Grey venue in the city of Konstanz near the Swiss border after the 34-year-old Iraqi attacker burst in and opened fire at 4.30am.

Special forces and a police helicopter were sent to the scene with the gunman 'put out of action' in minutes.

He is thought to have attempted to flee from the club after opening fire but he was tracked down by elite commando units.

The gunman was shot by police and later died - with an officer thought to have been hit by a bullet during the gunfight.


Muslim culture is not friendly towards nightclubs, they should all be shut down in order to minimize events like this.
German authorities call him "mentally unstable", meaning the attack was not aimed to Germans as Germans. It's a long standing German policy, since the third reich. They believe the Muslims adore Germany and even if from time to time they kill randomly, it doesn't diminish their solidarity with Germans thus Germany can still count on their loyality.

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One the same day, another friendly Muslim(TM) ran into a supermarket in Hamburg, shouted "Allahu Akbar" (which has nothing to do with the ROP [Religion of Peace(TM)], as I've been told) and stabbed four people, killing one of them.
Good to see immigrants integrating into German culture so well, mascaraing civilians has long been a famed German pastime. I am reminded of the Cologne pogrom where German knights wanted to go on crusade but could not be bothered to actually fight so they simply went to Cologne and massacred every unarmed Jew they could find and declared themselves crusaders. :roll:

Is this simply a case of immigrants adapting to their host culture too well?
The knife attacker in Hamburg was Palestinan. Old habits die hard

One person was killed and six injured when a rejected Palestinian asylum-seeker attacked several people with a knife. He was known to police for Islamic extremist views, and witnesses described him shouting “Allahu akbar” during the attack. ... nightclub/
The gunman who killed one person at a German nightclub was the Iraqi Kurdish son-in-law of the nightclub's owner, German authorities said.
He returned to the Grey nightclub in the southern city of Konstanz armed with an M16 machine gun after having been thrown out following an argument, a state prosecutor said.
The victim was a doorman. Several others were wounded including a police officer.

The shooter was a son-in-law of the nightclub's owner and the victim was a doorman. This is only a family matter and they could have been fighting over a girl or something more trivial.
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The German elites who importing them are not impressed, they see it as part and parcel of "multiculturalism" (euphemism for Islam), but the US-led free world should aware that if the process of Islamization continues in Europe, the Free World will be challenged by an emerging Euro-Arab continent linked to the Muslim world and with considerable political and economic power. Germany is once again compromising the security of the world but this time they use "humanitarian" fashionable terms to suppress criticism.

A leading UK alternative news blogger is blocked in Germany

Oxymandias wrote:Wait how do we know the gunman is Muslim?

Well if he wasn't, then his shoes were Muslim. Or his gun. Or his cat recently converted.

...Oh wait. Germany needs more cheap Muslim laborers? Perhaps the gunman was a native German and this event "proves" that there is a problem with systemic racism that needs to be dealt with.

I wonder which narrative money will chose.
It's not just cheap laborers. All along, the Franco-German plan was to build a unified Europe linked to the Arab world. In the beginning, its main objectives were to secure a regular oil and energy supply to Europe from the producing countries and to build a strong, united Euro-Arab alliance through the Mediterranean Partnership as an international political rival to America, of equal or even greater strength. Today, France already lost its identity, Sweden is mad but Germany still believes they can handle it.

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