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Two Israeli soldiers were beaten after being mistaken for "Arabs", it has been reported.

The pair were on leave and spending time in a public park when they were attacked with a shisha pipe and other objects.

They were taken to the Hillel Yaffe medical centre for treatment after suffering facial injuries, according to Israeli media.

Their attackers reportedly confronted them and shouted "You are Arabs!" during the assault in the Pardes Hanna district.

Both soldiers were Jewish Israelis, from the Golani and Kfir brigades, local media said.

The attackers are also though to be Jewish, according to police spokeswoman Luba Samri.

A teenager has been arrested, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The father of one of the soldiers told YNet: "Soldiers go on vacation and are attacked by criminals just because they look like Arabs. It’s a disgrace."

Police are also investigating whether the row erupted over the woman who was with the soldiers, it was reported.


Justice can be funny sometimes. The master race (oh sorry god's chosen people) don't like seeing the natives wondering around in lebensraum claimed by the zionists. Perhaps they can make arabs wear green crescent moons to make sure everyone knows what's what?
One Degree wrote:I think the very last sentence in the article will probably prove to be the most significant.

Israel has big problem of sexual violence by Arabs. The nature of the sexual harassment according to leading Islamist scholar:

Bassam Tibi, is a German political scientist and Professor of International Relations. He was born in 1944 in Damascus, Syria and moved to Germany in 1962. He is also the founder of Islamology as a social-scientific study of Islam and conflict in post-bipolar politics.

The following essay by the Syrian-German Islamic reformer Bassam Tibi was originally published by Die Welt.

Women rights: Young men who bring a culture of violence with them
by Bassam Tibi

The events in Cologne were just a prelude: Many Arab migrants bring very misogynistic social values to Germany. That makes it almost impossible for them to be integrated. A guest commentary.
Is there any connection between the attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and the situation in Syria? The answer is: Yes, there is a connection and the common denominator is violence against women.
Many of my German discussion partners do not seem to understand the violence that is directed against women in a oriental patriarchal culture. In the orient, a woman is not considered an entity, but an object of a man’s honour. The violation of a woman is not viewed only as a sexual act and crime against the woman herself, but more as an act of humiliation of the man to whom she belongs.

Among the war refugees, there are not only victims of violence but also many perpetrators, and even numerous Islamists. Added to that is the fact that these predominantly young men aged 14 to 20 bring with them the culture of violence, including against women, from the Near East to Germany. New Year’s Eve in Cologne is just a demonstration of that, and no isolated case as our politicians like to pretend in order to downplay the significance of the matter.
Independent of the war, the image of women in the Arabic-oriental culture is patriarchal, even comprehensively inhuman. This image of women must not be tolerated in Europe under the mantle of respect for other cultures.

And for the Arab man, the sexual violence is not just about the “sexual attraction” of the European woman but also about the European man, whose honour he wants to besmirch. And that is what happened in Cologne.

Cologne was just the beginning. If Germany brings in over a million people from the world of Islam and does not fulfil their expectations, we had better be prepared for a few things. From advertisements, all these young men think that they know that every European has a luxury apartment, a car and a “pretty blonde”; they think that they will get all that too and join in the prosperity.
But when these young men instead end up receiving emergency accommodation in school gyms or sports arenas, they feel like they have been deceived and discriminated against. So they develop a desire for revenge against the European man. The disappointed and enraged Arab men therefore took their revenge in Cologne and Hamburg against German men, represented by their women.
As a Syrian who represents an enlightened Islam and who advocates respect for women, I say: That was a culturally anchored act of revenge. What should be criticized here is not only the much lamented false tolerance, but also the ignorance about other cultures. ... with-them/
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I have noticed that the Jews own so called holy book has a different view of rape than is standard in modern day civilized countries . Both Abrahamic religions are devoted to the same despotic desert deity , Allah /El . And in addition , in one Bible story which is not for children , a Jew got stabbed to death , after being caught having sexual relations with a gentile woman .
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