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Godstud wrote:That's where you are mistaken. They want the land that they once had there, when it was part of Malaysia. Things are often more complex than simply blaming religion for it. It's about an ethnicity and people sort of trapped behind the lines when Thailand /Laos/Cambodia/Malaysia stopped being Siam.

You, with your acute Islamophobia, try to make it all about religion. It's not, but you try to make it so.

Yes, it's a clash of cultures, and that is the only part that you got right.

This started in Thailand back in '72.
The 1972 Israeli Bangkok embassy hostage crisis occurred on 28 December 1972. It was a raid by a squad of Palestinian militants, belonging to the Black September militant organization, on the Israeli embassy building in Bangkok in which the militants held six Israeli embassy staff hostage. After 19 hours of negotiations, the hijackers agreed to abandon the embassy in exchange for safe conduct to Egypt.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1972_Isra ... age_crisis
And has seriously intensified over the last 10 years.
On 11 August 2016, two bombs exploded in the Thai resort town of Hua Hin.[3] One person was killed and 23, many of them tourists, were injured. The next day, several more bombings took place, again targeting Hua Hin as well as Surat Thani, Phuket and Trang. At least two people were killed and many more were injured. In total, at least four people were killed and 36 injured.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_20 ... d_bombings
That's not to say the 2016 referendum was fair, by any means.
But Thailand did have a constitutional vote, and the results are clear. So why should 1/3 of the country, be given away? Especially when the 3 main areas are separate and would chop up Thailand?

The south Thai insurgency is particularly nasty. It's being executed by what the authorities there call "jihadists". That makes it a religious battle. To deny that is just silly.
About my being callously doored by someone who, for all I know, may have been Muslim, Godstud wrote:I am sad to hear your tragic story, QatzelOK. I hope you have recovered from this traumatizing event.

Yes, but where is the ten-page thread that questions the various rules of Islam, measures the progress of Muslim nations, and throws in a few references to terrorism and the stoning of adulterers?

That's what every crime involving "a Muslim" seems to get from Western media consumers.
Insurgents in Thailand do not change the way the Thai people everywhere but in the affected areas, live their lives. They don't live in fear of Islamic terrorism, even in Bangkok, where they had a terrorist incident a couple years ago.

Buzz62, why is being fearful something good to you? Everyone's quite aware of the reality, and being afraid doesn't serve any purpose. it's like being afraid of elevators, because you heard one fail, a couple years ago. It serves no legitimate purpose, if the threat isn't immediate, or realistic.

Islamic terrorism is not a realistic threat to Canadians. The odds of being in a terrorist incident are about the same as being hit by lightning, or winning a lotto 6/49.

Recent terrorist incidents in Canada:
Canadian terrorist incidents: a timeline
Jan. 29, 2017: Six dead and eight injured after shooting incident at a Quebec City mosque.

Aug. 10, 2016: Police shoot and kill terror suspect Aaron Driver in Strathroy, Ont., after he made a video that suggested he was planning to detonate a homemade bomb in a Canadian urban centre during morning or afternoon rush hour. Driver detonated an explosive device in a taxi cab before police killed him.

Oct. 22, 2014: Parliament Hill security and police shoot and kill Michael Zehaf-Bibeau after he killed Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and then stormed the Parliament Buildings.

Oct. 20, 2014: Quebec police shoot and kill Martin Couture-Rouleau after he threatens female officer with a knife. Couture-Rouleau was wanted for running down warrant officer Patrice Vincent and another soldier in Saint Jean sur Richelieu. Vincent died of his injuries.

https://globalnews.ca/news/3213312/cana ... incidents/

Not frequent life-threatening incidents to many Canadians. Most of it not even related to Islam, except the mosque attack, but that was targetting Muslims, not what you suggest is happening.
Most people buy lottery tickets. Why? Because there is a chance, albeit slim, that you could win.
By the same token, that Islamist Extremism exists in Canada, and that we have already had any number of Islamist Extremist terrorist attacks, and that there is a crisis in Western Europe with respect to the massive number of refugees pouring into Italy...mostly...and that we know the EU is not only letting this happen, but aiding this effort, just like Justin is doing, Patrice Vincent, and Nathan Cirillo would be alive. There's a chance that i bet these people wish we HADN'T taken.
A cop wouldn't be recovering from repeated knife wounds, and a number of people wouldn't have gotten rammed by a car and a cubevan.

You sound like this...


We have an opportunity to NOT experience the same "issues" that Europe, Thailand, most if not all of Africa, the ME, etc... are experiencing.
That would be...uhhh...a good thing.
You call what I think, living in fear.
I have to say that I honestly think that what you are saying here, puts you in opposition to Canadian society.
You have all sorts of daily proof of a real threat to global peace, being imposed by one gang in particular, and you say, "Don't worry...be happy".
Canada is not Europe. You thinking so, is incredibly silly. Canada has dealt with 250,000 immigrants/refugees every year, for decades now, with practically no problems. We have a good immigration system. Not all countries, and situations, are equal.

Islamic extremism doesn't exist in Canada, to any significant degree. These incidents would not be this rare, if that were the case. You implying such goes against the facts.

More murders AGAINST Muslims have been perpetrated by fearful Islamophobes, so maybe you're worrying and afraid of the wrong people. You should be worrying about people like you, who are afraid of people they need not be afraid of.

Being afraid of your shadow(or the shadow of Islamic extremism that doesn't even fall on Canada) isn't being protecting of Canadian society. It's merely being cowardly. It serves no purpose.
Godstud wrote:Canada is not Europe. You thinking so, is incredibly silly.

I didn't say that Canada is Europe. I mentioned Europe to emphasis this global threat.
Bu either you knew that and decided to misrepresent my words on purpose, or you just plain old can't read. Either way...it makes you irrelevant.

Enjoy Thailand...Albertan... :lol:
The probability of being murdered by a Muslim terrorists per annum is so low statisticians would likely describe it as insignificant. The probability of dying by a westerner is knowable. Should we truck them off back to Europe? What about cars? Trade them for trikes?
Pants-of-dog wrote:So we should give up freedon of religion, eject refugees at gunpoint, and make second class citizens out of some of our neighbours because there is a tiny chance that something bad may happen.


No...ur right.
We should halt the current refugee program until we can find out how terrorists can get here as refugees. We should then, with a better understanding of what we are looking for, re-interview every existing refugee, and refuse any status to any refugee who does not "pass muster" according to our updated guidelines, at gunpoint if necessary. That way, we won't make second class citizens.

Because stabbing cops, ramming people with cars and trucks, or even publicly professing support for Sharia Law, is not on.
If you pay for it, fine. I am not wasting tax dollars on looking for a threat that isn’t there.

What we should do instead (because Islamophobia kills more Canadians than Islamic terrorism) is round up every Canadian who has ever posted Islamophobic stuff on the web, interview them all, and deport or imprison who does not pass muster. At gunpoint if necessary.

Because shooting innocents, setting fire to mosques, and censoring discusion about Sharia is not on.
I wouldn't censor discussion on Sharia Law...I would outlaw the PRACTICE of it, and not let people who SUPPORT it, within our nation.
I might even want to go as far as setting out a bunch of very specific spiders over the public network, searching for leads to those who do support Sharia Law.
I just know you luv watching that go on...wouldn't ya... 8)

But let's face it...any acceptance of Sharia Law would threaten our democratic society. Like it's doing in Europe and Thailand and everywhere else it rears its ugly head.
RANDOM CAPITALISATION. Posts are not Torgue weapons, Buzz.

Considering the fact that you consistently advocate getting rid of our democracy and enacting totalitarian policies, your defense of democracy argument is hollow.
I notice you did not deny that you want to restrict religion and human rights so that Muslims and refugees cannot access them.

Nor did you refute the fact that Canadians are more likely to be killed in an Islamophobic attack than an Islamist attack.
Pants-of-dog wrote:I notice you did not deny that you want to restrict religion and human rights so that Muslims and refugees cannot access them.

Muslim can practice Islam After all, Islam is the religion of peace...right?
But any radical Islamic beliefs? Like for instance...Sharia Law...good-bye.

Pants-of-dog wrote:Nor did you refute the fact that Canadians are more likely to be killed in an Islamophobic attack than an Islamist attack.

No because its completely irrelevant.
Buzz62 wrote:But let's face it...any acceptance of Sharia Law would threaten our democratic society. Like it's doing in Europe and Thailand and everywhere else it rears its ugly head.

As long as the Canadian court system is upheld and trump's Sharia law, who cares what people do. Roman Catholics still have that annulment thingee.

There's a lot of issues that seem to make you feel threatened. Lighten up, your heart is at stake.
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