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I don't know. It seems rather unfair that this man is being smeared in the press as a mass murderer when all those people had heart attacks at the same time he decided to (and we can admit he made a big error in judgment) do harmless shooting practice out the window, and accidentally fired near people who were all having heart attacks at the same time.
Suntzu wrote:No doubt Blacks built some wheels.

See, now we're making progress. In 70+ years of your old coop life, you went from Blacks lived in mud huts, to concede that Blacks made the wheel. If George Wallace can accept the fact that Negros are not "entirely useless", so can this old confed.

Suntzu wrote:Did they invent the wheel?

Neither did us Anglos, hell the Dagos gave us civilization.

Suntzu wrote:Black children talk, walk and are toilet train before White children.

Hell their ebonics come from white origin.

In fact most of their "ghetto" lifestyle comes from the poor south. Have you seen West Virginia?

Suntzu wrote:One has to be on another planet to not realize that West African are superior sprinters, East African Blacks are superior long distance runners.

Some might say they could be stronger if they put their minds to it. I mean why else would we enslave them, if not to do manual work that only a "Negro" could do?

Suntzu wrote:Don't violent Black men commit most murders?

Nah, you're drinking that government kool aid. The Stats are fake.
Last year, while in Las Vegas for a cycling conference, I chipped a tooth and had to see a local dentist. I booked an appointment with my Visa card, and got in the next morning.

While the dentist was placing the small filling in my tooth, a gunman stormed in and shot all the other patients waiting in the lobby. The noise was ear-shattering, but the dentist kept right on working as if nothing was happening. His hands didn't even shake.

Then, when he was finished, he picked up his phone and booked a golf date for the rest of the afternoon. "My afternoon appointments all cancelled," he said with a sly grin.

So I guess mass shootings are received differently by different cultures. Here in Canada, a dentist would have temporarily suspended the filling to call 911.
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