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skinster wrote:Yeah, sorry mike, you're not convincing at all. I mean, you still shill for a war hawk loser who took great delight in the destruction of a country called Libya, and then planned for the same in Syria.

Hillary sure likes dropping bombs on people. Just between you and me @skinster , I think Hillary owned shares in some bomb factories.

The Libyian campaign was a dumb move. I can’t say that the Afghanistan campaign has been particularly well thought out either. The idea in Syria is to reduce Iranian influence and cut them off from Hamas. Of course the problem with growing Shia influence is a result of the Iraq conquest. Another ill conceived campaign. And of all the possible factions to support, why choose the zug-zug cavemen from Saudi Arabia? And then there was the dumb idea of letting millions of refugees into Europe.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. :)

But the arms sales are going well and the oil is flowing. And the Arabs have been too busy killing each other to bother with Israel. So the ME policy can’t be considered a failure.
mikema63 wrote:Lack of self awareness is turning any thread on Syria into a trash heap by page two with personal attacks, emoticons, and screechy nonsense and pretending that everyone else is full of shit but you smell like roses.

You definitely shouldn't pick skinster for a reasonable or meaningful debate, but she's good for a quarrel with personal jabs, like a girlfriend. ;)
SolarCross wrote:Zionists have a stake in what happens in Syria, same as Turkey, Russia and the US but my point was the zionists didn't carry out the chemical weapon attack as Rich implied, that is all on Assad.

The zionists were not fans of Saddam either but that doesn't make them responsible for Saddam gassing kurds.

I didn't say Zionist were responsible for the gas attack. That was a false flag attack by Sunni Muslim terrorists. The Sunni Muslim terroists thought that America was looking to take down Assad and that they just needed a false flag excuse.

But check out:
Support Assad wrote:Western governments should support the malign dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad.

from 2013.

No Zionists were not responsible for gassing the Kurds, they were responsible though for stopping Saddam from winning the war against Iran. Again the smart Zionists hated Iran but they feared Sunni Arab dominance under Saddam more.
What I like most about Assad is how he speaks English so well, and is also well-educated. He's also an eye doctor. It's impressive how much he cares about people. Also, he seems like a really genuine, honest person in his interviews.

You know, kind of like an angel.
Much nicer than Hillary, that's for sure. Also, fun fact: Assad has never been involved in attacking, invading, and destabilizing other countries. He isn't an imperialist, warmongering cunt. Another fun fact: Assad has less blood on his hands than Hillary.
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