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Hindsite wrote:The Congress is going to be investigating Mueller next for Russian collusion and obstruction of justice along with Comey. Then a new special prosecutor will be assigned.

I've been saying since before Trump got in the race that there were well-capitalized opponents of Hillary Clinton. They are laying their own traps, and the Clinton camp don't seem to realize it. Comey already had to admit that he was a leaker, and that the purpose of his leak was to get a special counsel appointed. However, what he hasn't spoken to yet is about the Obama/Hillary Clinton/DNC-funded Steele Dossier. He used that as a basis for counter-intelligence surveillance into the Trump campaign, and the Obama administration unmasked a lot of people to figure out what was going on within the Trump campaign. With over $10M going out, there had to be a lot of people paid off, as it doesn't take $10M to fund a dossier. Clearly, the whole Russia thing was a ruse. However, if it Obama's PAC, Hillary's campaign, and the DNC all contributed funds that ended up in the hands of a former MI-6 spy and a bunch of Eastern European business folks, then clearly laws were broken. Since Comey and Mueller are friends, and Mueller had the gall to hire a bunch of Clinton donors, the independent counsel is no longer looking very independent.
Ter wrote:Why do you say that Trump is panicking and what do you think he is guilty of ?

Why did he fired Comey, just cause Sessions(who recused himself about Russians dealings) for how he treated Hillary? And yet went back to wanting to "lock her up" the week before Muller announce arrest warrants? Why couldn't he replace him as soon as possible and not when Comey found some leads?

But this is one example. I would like to here your rebuttal, before I make a next statement.
Interesting to see the Trump lemmings have morphed from "Oh looks like nothing will happen with the Russia thing." to fantasies of Mueller's demise. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

Donald is scared ............. :)
Now I just found out that there seems to be evidence that rather than being a hack it was a leak from an inside source . < , , > So I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a red herring , and that Robert Mueller is barking up the wrong tree , so to speak .
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