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By Decky
Africa's states are virtually all multicultural hell holes, but no lets it blame it on the White man.


Who do you think drew those borders?
By Rich
Decky wrote::eh:

Who do you think drew those borders?

Mostly European Infidels, but with significant input from Muslims. Murdock's map is good place to start to understand the complexity of Africa. Before The Scramble Africa probably had more ethnic diversity than the rest of the world put together. it had huge genetic, linguistic and cultural diversity.

A lot of Africa was far more technologically backward than the Romans before it was liberated by the European colonialists. The Europeans from the fall of the Roman Empire to 1945, also suffered serious and prolonged invasions by Muslim terrorists. However that aside Europeans had 1500 years to sort out their borders. It still required the US, Britain and the Soviet Union to invade in 1945 and set Europe's borders for it. Up until 1945 we spent a lot of blood in Europe reducing the plague of multi-culturalism.
noir wrote:The Muslims are happy. It's not them this time.

It's not "them?" "They" (2 billion Muslims) are all working together and smiling together like a mafia cult?

Does that mean you consider Harvey Weinstein part of "you?" :eh:
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By Sivad
So they've erected a mass surveillance state, militarized the police, curtailed civil liberties, subverted democracy with institutionalized corruption, consolidated control of the mass media, captured academia, allowed an unaccountable deep state to grow unchecked and run amok ...and now they want us all to disarm? :lol:
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