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.... And take down the shareholders with it..... ... the-inside

Funniest News I've read so far this year.

Facebook is like an injured farm animal dying and he's decided "time to go and get the rifle".....

This is going to piss the fuck out of any investors. They stand to lose a heap of cash.
I think this is a good move. There is really no downside. Facebook is perfectly scale-able. They can sell as much advertising as they want. They can also alter the advertising that they are selling to be more targeted and consequently more expensive.

So consider. Suppose their mind set is that if they can make Facebook more emotionally engaging and then precisely target advertising to what the individuals on any given thread are feeling emotionally, all in real time. So an advertiser could purchase fewer ads with a much higher possibility of success with those targeted. What would those ads be worth? Lots. And with the added advantage of making the customer happier along the way. They are doing targeted advertising already but this is more sophisticated.

If this is their plan, I think Zuckerberg is on to something really elegant.
^Indeed he did, of course Zuckerberg is onto something, if facebook carries on like it is it will become an empty shell full of ads. His data analysts have already told him and the investors that people are 'giving up on Facebook', that is they are engaged far less than before and that many are simply abandoning their accounts, they believe that if they reduce ad-spam and prioritise personal content they will make users reengage and that's what they are doing. Facebook should die of course, but that is not the death of it unfortunately.

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