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Houston Chronicle wrote:Saudi Arabia's state media on Monday tweeted a graphic appearing to show an Air Canada airliner heading toward the Toronto skyline in a way that recalled the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackings of airliners that struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The graphic warned of "Sticking one's nose where it doesn't belong!" and included the text: "As the Arabic saying goes: 'He who interferes with what doesn't concern him finds what doesn't please him.'"

Wtf? :?:
Beren wrote:I'm surprised Saudi Arabia's state media threatened Canada like that.

They know Canada knows they helped Bin Laden....

It's a genuine threat, even if it's one of those "Get out of our business or well do to you what we did to the last person that got in it" empty not going to actually do it threats.
Saeko wrote:Time to stuff a nuke up King Salman's ass. >:

No one threatens our little Canada except us!


But but.... U.S. refuses to back Canada in Saudi Arabia dispute

USA fighting radical islam together with Saudis, can't let that liberal jihad loving Canada to wreck this.
Oxymandius wrote:But but.... U.S. refuses to back Canada in Saudi Arabia dispute
OUr PM Trudeau has even said this is a good thing.

Trudeau Defends Trump Administration's Decision To Stay Out Of Saudi Dispute
"I am never going to impose on another country what their reaction should be, or what their response should be." ... _23498678/
Godstud wrote:That's really strange given the lack of severity that Canada/Saudi's confrontation actually is.

I hope Canada responds appropriately to this threat/

This is an Islamic nation we are talking about here.

I know I shouldn't say that, but you know occasionally they do act to a script of sorts. I guess they took this culturally very personally and maby the severity of the perceived insult is very high to them. Canada is afterall a very left-leaning nation and Saudi Arabia is very "conservative" Muslim.

This is an Islamic nation we are talking about here.

Islamic nations differ heavily between one another. For example, Iran is completely different from Saudi Arabia and Egypt is completely different from Turkey. Culture is more a division than religion since culture informs religion.

I'll be honest with you, I thought you were in Japan and an English speaking Japanese....

Woah, Saeko is a Japanese name? Saeko is a weeaboo confirmed.

Do I sound British?


Whoa. Where did that come from? :eek:

It came from your heart.

The row is over the arrest of Samar Badawi who received an International Women of Courage Award Winner from the U.S. State Department. The Canadian ambassador was expelled from Saudi Arabia after Chrystia Freeland criticized her arrest on Twitter and Canada could not stay silent on this issue because the Canadian foreign minister is a feminist, too. Justin Trudeau sided with his foreign minister and he refused to back down. I think Samar Badawi is a troublemaker like Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist protest punk rock group.

To critics, the diplomatic dispute over freedom of speech and human rights has underscored how the U.S. at times stays quiet on human rights issues in certain friendly countries.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Tuesday that the U.S. raises such issues privately with Saudi Arabia -- and that it is up to the Saudis and Canadians to work this out, but she declined to condemn the activist's arrest.

The activist is Samar Badawi, a noted women's rights advocate who was honored as an International Women of Courage Award Winner by the U.S. State Department in 2012. ... d=57085103
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Ok. All this chit-chat about Russia and Twitter, and our politicians are still using it, presumabĺy without the pm's awareness that she was going to slagged off the Saudis...what a lame brain. How many ways is this just flat out dumb.
As far as I know about this is that Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador, and a low-ranking government sponsored account posted this pic referring to the Canadian ambassador, with it being removed shortly afterwards and the twitter account closed.
The account even published an apology saying that the tweet was misunderstood and was referring to the return of the Canadian ambassador.

I think the account was deleted, but not sure.

Looking further into it, this is the official site behind the company that posted it;
Infographic KSA is a voluntary non-profit project. It is managed by a group of Saudi youth who are interested in technology and social media Facts backed by numbers & evidence; all of which could be found here.

So how about we all stop spreading false news, propaganda, and try to at least check our sources.

Regarding the whole dispute, this is a good video, not a source but a youtube channel I follow and like so, here you go;
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