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skinster wrote:The Israeli attempt to hold elections in occupied Syria - that violates international law - were overwhelmingly rejected by Syrians living in the Golan. Nice try though. :lol:

President Trump has decided that the Golan belongs to Israel - that trumps international law.
Most of those who got a citizenship dont live there anymore

its a pretty isolated place to live in I talked to many people there its a complicated situation many want citizenship but wont take becasue afraid of their parents
many have relatives in Syria and afraid to publicly support Israel
basically the young generation dont want to live in Syria and many said that even if hypothetically the golan heights will be returned they will move to Israel proper
skinster wrote:ZN is vox-popping Syrians in the Golan now who are honest with only him about wanting Israeli citizenship, even though they - basically all of them in the two thirds of the Syrian Golan that is occupied - rejected the recent Israeli offer of elections for Israeli citizenship.


You have no idea whats really going on there
I've been there unlike you

all your information is from propaganda channels on twitter facebook and whatever

one of the druze there told me that when he visited Syria someone asked him what is the average salary in Israel when he told him the Syrian guy said "I wish Israel will annex us too" :lol:
I spoke to every single occupied Syrian in the Golan and they told me they can't wait to get the two thirds of the Golan that is occupied to become free, as well as Palestine after that. They said white boys from Ukraine tried to ask personal questions about their feelings for their Middle Eastern homeland and said they told them whatever they wanted to hear so they could get away from them and then we laughed a bunch. All the men had lovely moustaches, must be a Syrian thing.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday he will name a community in the Golan after Trump, who officially recognized Israeli sovereignty over the strategic plateau a month ago. Netanyahu said he would bring the proposal to the cabinet soon. I believe all Americans should feel proud that our President is being honored in this way if it actually happens.
Hindsite wrote:This Abby Martin sounds very biased to me. Journalists are supposed to report the news without bias. She seems to have failed journalism miserably.

You just don't like the fact she is anti-zionist and anti-Netanyahu

My favourite episode of Empire Files:

Most of these young Israeli kids are actually quite likeable(I don't blame that kid for being in Lehava.... Benzi Gopstein is a racist bastard co-opting the youth, sad this kid is happy to be in, but peer pressure can do such things).

Sadly they're not educated terribly objectively at all and it shows. I recon most of them don't even know who the world's most famous historical Jewish person is, let alone understand how the other people in Gaza and the West Bank feel. I would hazard a guess and say I know more about Jewish history(Ancient Jewish History in particular) than they generally do, because I can freely read the full uncensored version without having certain things scribbled out or psychologically, socially or religiously blocked. Not just Rabbi Yeshua HaMashiach (JESUS!), but also other Jewish things as well.

Yes this is essentially Vox Populi, and most people look stupid when put on the spot, but I wish people had more empathy, Knowledge and compassion in general anyway.
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