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Lie. USA did not "take up the slack". There wasn't any, and it didn't cost USA one $.

USA consistently has a military far beyond 2% of it's GDP. It's completely unnecessary.

Trump's an ignorant asshole, as are his worshipers. He does stupid shit and his Trumpanzees cheer, like the dipshits that they are.
@Hindsite You don't like the truth. You never have.

USA has over 2% military GDP because it's a war-mongering imperialist country, not because it did so to meet treaty demands, which Trump has recently reneged on(other deals).

@Hindsite I am not left, by an stretch of the imagination, and I live where I choose to live. Just because you live in that shit-hole called Georgia, in a trailer-park, because that is all you can afford, doesn't mean everyone has to.

Trump's an asshole, as are his worshipers. You only reinforce this fact with your idolatry, logical fallacies, and lack of argument.
I don't live in a trailer park. My home is a one story 4 bedroom, 2 bath, brick. I also own a smaller two story 4 bedroom, 2 bath concrete block house with brick veneer front. Both are mortgage free. I bought our new home because my wife's knees could not stand the continual strain of climbing stairs. It was also closer to Fort Gordon, which makes it convenient as I am retired military.
@Hindsite If you are going to make continuous ignorant comments, I will cheerfully return the favour.

Again, I don't have the crayons or the time to explain again to you why where I live is irrelevant to the discussion that you can't seem to keep on topic. I suppose you do this because you have no actual argument, and are only back to your stupid beliefs and feelings, on this.
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