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BigSteve wrote:The majority of the world recognizes right hand traffic (RHT).

You guys need to get with the program...

You need to try and understand roundabouts, as well.

Anyway, Mr Sacaloos was made a Diplomat retrospectively, which is why the American government are being asked to waive it.
snapdragon wrote:You need to try and understand roundabouts, as well.

I have no problem at all with roundabouts.

Now, drivers in North Carolina are a different story...
foxdemon wrote:Why does Antartica have RHT? :?:

Because if oil is found there, France and the USA have the rights to it, even if they have to kill every penguin currently living there to access it.


"I came, i drove, he died. Cackle-cackle."
( the feminist angle)

Every day, hundreds of American males get to kill innocent foreigners with violent machines. Why does this FEMALE get a different treatment.

We should be thanking her for her service.
foxdemon wrote:Why does Antartica have RHT? :?:

I also find the claim unverifiable, unless the Antarctic Treaty or other similar documents had explicitly defined the traffic rules there. However, given most countries on the world use RHT, and a large proportion of roads or trails there are maintained by the US, this could be a statistically accurate description.
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