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Atlantis wrote:Because of the popularity of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories are the root cause of every fascistic movement.

Great. Another sheep that's bleating out buzzwords like conspiracy theorist and fascist. Thinking outside of the box should be encouraged, not shamed. But unfortunately we live in an era where people want conversation to be dumbed down or be made safe for everyone involved, and where ''hate speech laws'' are or should be introduced.
Code Rood wrote:Very good. Call everything you don't like or understand a conspiracy theory. You can shame and shut up a lot of people with that label.

Never ask yourself why we're being distracted with non-issues like transgender bathrooms or this climate hysteria. It's not like countries such as the US are trillions in debt, the West is being de-industrialized or the list of freedoms is getting shorter every year.

Do you have any evidence to support your illogical claims?
Ter wrote:I have high-lighted the important parts of his memorandum :roll:
Anti-Semitism is on the rise in many places in the West.

Those words are all you can see because they're the only ones you care about.

Selective compassion is virtually identical to racism.

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