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So what if they were court-marshalled. They shouldn't have been. They should have been given medals for exposing their government's malfeasance. This is just more evidence that the courts were of the "kangaroo", variety.
There is no evidence that this Whistleblowers(that's what he was) caused the deaths of ANYONE. I am, of course, talking about Snowden.
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Here is the article skinster demonstrating what I was referring to when it was written in 2017 from a local news source:

Jon Shirek of QAD News wrote:
A metro Atlanta woman took the stand today at the court-martial sentencing hearing of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

In tears, Shannon Allen described how her husband was grievously wounded while was searching for Bergdahl, after Bergdahl walked off of his post eight years ago.

Bergdahl also took the stand to apologize.

She spoke of how they were married in 2006, and she showed photographs of him. She said he had been an outgoing, happy, vibrant man, and active in their children's lives.

But after he had been shot in the head during the search for Bergdahl, he has had more than a dozen surgeries. Doctors have had to remove part of his brain. He remains paralyzed and cannot speak.

"We can't even hold hands anymore unless I pry open his hand and place mine in there," Sharon Allen said. "He's lost me as a wife. Essentially, instead of being his wife, I'm his caregiver."

She spoke for about 30 minutes. And as she left the courtroom, she walked past Bergdahl, looking straight ahead, not at him.

Bergdahl's attorneys had tried to exclude Shannon Allen's testimony as being prejudical -- but the judge allowed and will take what she said into account when he decides Bergdahl's sentence.

Bergdahl himself, testifying Monday afternoon, apologized, saying, "My words can't take away what the people have been through."

https://www.wqad.com/article/news/natio ... -487336621

Nah man. Snowden should be arrested and charged with treason when he returns back home to the U.S. His actions endangered the lives of our troops, informants and our national security. There is no excuse for Snowden. Yes, I know Bergdahl is not the topic of his thread. I was confusing Manning with Bergdahl. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that Manning and Snowden are basically traitors. Manning definately, without quetion, endangered the lives of US troops serving in Afghanistan and guess who was serving there at the time when he revealed our troops positions!? I don't see much difference between Manning and Snowden.
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As @skinster said, This is not true. His actions endangered no one, except maybe the careers of the criminals who were exposed for their wrong-doings. The data released was carefully perused so as to not expose intelligence operations that were ongoing.

The defense that you make, for this, is therefore false.

He exposed your country's wrong-doing and for that you are biased and think he's a traitor. I suppose if he'd reported it like you think he should have, been killed, and no information ever coming to light, he'd be a hero? :roll:

Snowden is not the same as Manning, although you can cite similarities, I suppose. Fame-seeking was not one of those.

I have no clue who Bergdahl is. Stop talking about him/her(?).

Why do you defend the NSA's illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of fellow Americans, @Politics_Observer ?
@skinster @Godstud

Here is an article that bolsters my case and my arguement from Politico:

LEIGH MUNSIL of Politico wrote:The Defense Department does not expect to declassify a secret new report detailing the damage Edward Snowden’s leaks did to the military services, although two members of Congress say DoD concludes Snowden put U.S. troops in danger.

The former Booz Allen Hamilton analyst working the National Security Agency took 1.7 million intelligence files, according to the report, many of which detail current military operations in addition to the NSA surveillance that has gotten most of the attention since last spring.

The documents Snowden took “concern vital operations of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force,” said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), which could “gravely impact” U.S. national security.

( PHOTOS: 15 great quotes on NSA spying)

The report, sent to Congress on Monday, centers on an initial assessment of the leaked documents by the Information Review Task Force, organized by Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. The DIA is leading the task force and working with intelligence community, the military services and military combatant commands.

“The goal of this task force is to assess the potential impact to the Department of Defense from the compromise of the information,” said a DIA official who asked not to be identified. “The IRTF continues its work as additional information is being reviewed. So this is an initial assessment, and the task force work continues.”

It’s unlikely the task force’s initial findings, at least, will be released publicly. “The report is classified, and we don’t expect it to be declassified,” the official said.

https://www.politico.com/story/2014/01/ ... ces-101979

Snowden and Manning are not heroes. They are traitors. And you guys needed to hear from it from somebody whose life was directly put in danger by one of those disclosures (the disclosure that came from Manning).
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skinster wrote:Nobody cares about you, including your government.

Well god damn skinster, [snip] I was just the guy you came to for PTSD advice. :lol: I was nice enough to help you out when you asked for it. That says a lot about your character. Of course, I knew you didn't give a shit about me or my government. But, I was just being the bigger man and helping somebody who asked for and needed help even if it came from somebody who insulted me.

[Thunderhawk edit: please be courteous.]
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@Politics_Observer Reign it in, boy!

We are not talking about Manning. We were discussing Snowden and the NSA's illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of American people. You took it off-topic.

Manning and Snowden are completely different. Their only similarity is that they exposed your country's malfeasance.

Godstud wrote:We are not talking about Manning

I know that Godstud. You have a right to your opinion. But I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. I regard Snowden and Manning as traitors. I know how deadly serious those disclosures are. I have accepted the fact that most civilians are not going to understand the world I was in at the time. Bergdahl most likely didn't have the security clearances that Snowden or Manning had, but he failed to follow the rules and one of the guys in my Brigade paid the price for it. He was a human vegetable paralyzed in a wheel chair until he passed away recently.

His wife had to take a crank shaft to lift him up out of bed to put his clothes on. Dude, couldn't even talk. He was just a vegetable. Manning's disclosures revealed troop movements which endangered our lives at the time I was there. That was pretty serious. What Snowden did, was no different than what Manning did and in some ways what Bergdahl did by simply not following the rules and violating the trust he was given when he was granted a security clearance. Violating that trust can very well cost lives.
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@Politics_Observer Have you stopped to consider the damage to your freedoms that the NSA inflicted? Have you thought of the people the NSA harmed, in their abuse of their powers?

I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT BERGDAHL! It's a distraction!!! Snowden was not exposing soldiers to danger!

Also, if you're in a war, expect casualties. This is as bad as any other friendly fire incident... and those are usually quietly covered up.
Politics_Observer wrote:Here is an article that bolsters my case and my arguement from Politico:

What two senators "say" doesn't actually prove anything. The DOD according to your article is challenging what The Pentagon stated under oath in the Manning trial, that nobody had been hurt by what was released. Are you now saying The Pentagon is lying?
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