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By Beren
Piano Red wrote:I weep for your brain.

You should rather weep for your own, because there is nothing else in it, but arrogance.
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By Rancid
I think the US should send an official warning to Tehran.

It should say the following.. roughly

"If you try that shit one more time.. we WILL blow your ass out of the water.. don't fuck with us"
By Drowning My Sorrows
Because what we really need are more threats and testosterone...
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By Oxymoron
Because what we really need are more threats and testosterone

No we need some of this:


By dasnd12
I thought thoe whole situation (after viewing the video) showed great poise on the part of the U.S. I am sure there are set orders in place to blow anything out of the water that has come within so many feet of the ship after a warning has been given. They issued multiple warnings - radio , horns etc. to get them to move off - they recieve a threat, the boats move closer and they still don't fire.

To me - the U.S Navy showed great poise in not destroying those vessels. They will not get any credit for that though - but if they had fired - they would just be the mean American Empire trying to kill innocent people.

On a side note - i do think it's a great idea that they are video taping things like this. If there was not a video - Iran could have said anything and it would have been a he said / she said kind of thing. Now there is no doubt about what happened.
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By Rancid
Because what we really need are more threats and testosterone...

fuck yea...
By Drowning My Sorrows

The US has faked conflicts...isn't that harder to believe than faking a video of one?
By Goranhammer
Discussion of this proves nothing. If you're anti-American, you're anti-American. These people believe what they want, so showing the incident from a non-partisan play-by-play stance is stupid. They'll invent their own story, their own motives, their own version of the truth.

This is why I don't feel bad for America stretching its tentacles anyways. Nobody felt sympathy for America at any given time, and basically means anything you get is deserved. Personally, I think America should quit this piety shit and give most of the world what it deserves.

What are you going to do...fight back? Bitches.

Just nuke the boats next time. There is no fallback involved in doing so.
By Drowning My Sorrows
Not jumping on bandwagon = anti-American.

Bush and Cheney have been beating the drums of war for a long time, now. They were wrong about Iraq and WMDs. They were wrong about Iran and WMDs. Now, we have a story about Iran showing some hostility towards some American ships. It's probably true...they probably did. But, I doubt that's the whole story...

In the immortal words of President Dumbass himself, "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again"
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By Beren
Goranhammer wrote:Personally, I think America should quit this piety shit and give most of the world what it deserves.
What are you going to do...fight back? Bitches.

Just nuke the boats next time. There is no fallback involved in doing so.

Piety??? What kind of piety are you talking about? I guess that kind of American ignorance and arrogance is the main cause of some people's anti-Americanism you always whine about. Although the Strait of Hormuz is essential for you, one can understand the Persians being worried about US-fleet always patroling in the Persian Gulf, whilst the POTUS has pronounced Iran a member of the Axis Of Evil.
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By Kapanda
What the hell would be the point of the US faking it and then not acting on it? It doesn't change anything!
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By Truth-a-naut
"oxy" Moron wrote:Ok so you want us to attack a country that has peaceful and vibrant economic relations with the US? China is not a competitor they are our manufacturer, while the mideast is our gas station.

I didn't say attack, but to just recognize who really threatens American power. It's not Allah's catbox that you need to be worried about... but if you wish to go fight and die there - make your nation weaker. China will be right there cheering you on.
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By Looter
Iran is a "threat to world peace," said Bush
We really have no choice but to get this war moving because Bush has only a year left in office. Israel supports Bush all the way. I have been waiting for this war for quite some time as has been Iran, they started it anyways. May the best man win.
By Balzak
GoranHammer wrote:Nobody felt sympathy for America at any given time

Actually, one week after 911 50 000 Iranians held a spontaneous candle-light march in Tehran to express their sympathy with the victims of the terrorist attacks. In every major European city people flocked the streets to do the same. I don't think the world expressed so much sympathy for you since the end of WWII. But the way you handled Iraq - spinning and distorting facts, insulting European states - made you lose much of support.
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There was a candlelight vigil in Palestine as well, decreed by Arafat.

There were also people lining the streets of Palestine cheering at the news that America had been attacked.
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By Truth-a-naut
There were people in Canada doing that too. Many in my class were very pleased.
By Goranhammer
Goldie illustrates my point. People in our geographical neighbor and largest trading partner were happy about this. Granted, I'm not saying this is representative of all or even most Canadians, but I'm adamant when I say that the vast majority saw a smile come to their faces when they heard the news.
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