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Islamic Jihad (holy war) and the Christian Crusades

It is a historical fact that in the ten years that Muhammad lived in Medina (622-632), he either sent out or went out on seventy-four raids, expeditions, or full-scale wars.

In October to December 630, after the conquest of Mecca in January 630, Muhammad launched a Jihad or holy war to Tabuk, a city in the north of Saudi Arabia today. Early Muslim sources say Muhammad gathered an army of 30,000 men and 10,000 horsemen under the banner of Islam. On his way north, Muhammad extracts (or extorts) "agreements"—without provocation—from smaller Christian Arab tribes to pay the jizyah tax to avoid being attacked and killed.

In the first few centuries after Muhammad’s death, his disciples continued the Muslim Jihad by swinging a sword or by forcing a city’s surrender with a large army backing up the peace treaty and the jizya tax. When the Muslims fought over Jerusalem and conquered other cities, they were following the example of their prophet Muhammad.

Those Muslims who slashed and burned and forced conversions did not wander off from Muhammad or the origins of Islam, but followed it closely, as do the ISIS Jihadists of today, for Muhammad’s Quran (Koran) is filled with references to jihad and qital, the latter word meaning only fighting, killing, warring, and slaughtering.

After Jesus’ death and Resurrection, his disciples in the first three centuries did not swing a sword to conquer or convert but simply preached the love of God. Jesus never used violence; neither did he call his disciples to use it. Jesus taught His disciples to turn the other cheek and that His kingdom was not of this earth. It is not until the fourth century that Constantine hijacked Christianity to conquer and to force conversions to Christianity.

But it was not until 1095 that the the Roman Catholic Pope Urban II in Italy decided that the "turn the other cheek" policy was not working after he received a plea for military help from the ambassador of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I, in Constantinople, due to the Islamic threat against the Christians in Constantinople, Turkey. This resulted in the Roman Catholic Pope Urban II in Italy calling for the first crusade. The immediate goal was to guarantee pilgrims access to the holy sites in the Holy Land under Muslim control. His long-range goal was to reunite the Eastern and Western branches of Christendom after their split with the pope as head of the united Church.

Hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics from many different classes and nations of Western Europe became crusaders by taking a public vow and receiving plenary indulgences from the church. Pope Urban II claimed that anyone who participated was forgiven of their sins. In addition to demonstrating devotion to God, as stated by the Catholic Church, participation satisfied feudal obligations and provided opportunities for economic and political gain.

When the Medieval Christians fought over earthly ground, they abandoned the example of Jesus Christ. Though European Crusaders may have been sincere, they wandered off from the origins of Christianity when they slashed and burned and forced conversions.

Against an evil adversary like Satan and ISIS of today, the do nothing policy of Obama did not seem at all practical, if we wish to live under Christianity. President Trump seems to a much different attitude than Obama's containment policy. I hope Trump's policy to defeat ISIS does not stop there. We must also destroy the ideology of Islam.

Did Jesus really mean for "turn the other cheek" to mean a do nothing policy and not to defend ourselves? I don't think so, for why would He tell His disciples to by a sword, if he did not ever want them to use it? Praise the Lord.

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

Saw that video a couple months ago and I think everyone should watch it and pay attention. I think one of the biggest miss conceptions we have about Islam comes from how European history is told. For example, when people talk about the Western World, they usually think about UK and USA, or "Western Europe" . Truth is, UK isn't historically or geographically Western Europe. Western Civilization is Roman Catholic-Judaic-Greek. When I was living in London I was surprised how few people knew the real reason for the Crusades, why it started and who started. Portugal was the first European nation-State, won the battle against the Islamic Empire and the Moors and with Spain's help kicked out Muslims from Europe. Brazil was originally called Lands of Vera Cruz and is known as 'the last crusade". Portugal was a country formed by Templates, and symbol of Templates are all over Brazil until today, the symbol of Brazil was the Template Cross (still is, the shield is represented even in the Supreme Court). Colombia was also a land of Templates, Medellin being the biggest symbol of that.

Western Civilization is Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain. To a certain extent Israel as represents the Jews who help create the Western world, and the Bavarians (Germany) also played a big part on building the structure of the world we live today.

In Uruguay we study all that, we learn about things, have discussions. I was amused when I discovered Americans had a Mosque build in Ground Zero, I was honestly shocked. London is amazing, I love the town, but I was surprised with the amount of Arabs around. So many Muslims, you see on daily life women in hijab. I know I probably sound like "a ignorant" saying I was amused by it but you need to understand we don't have Muslims in South America, isn't something common at all. The one memory we have of Islam and Muslims is they did the only terrorist attack in the South Cone soil, the bombing of 2 buildings in Argentina in 90'. I think 100 people died, something like that, and was a big deal at the time. Since we never had contact with Muslims besides meeting them when we travel, the one memory we have of their "visit" to South America is bombing 2 buildings which is all we need to want to stay away from them and their culture. We are against bombing their countries and against proxy wars, but we know they ain't gonna adapt or ever tolerate our culture so we don't want them here.
In the USA today, as far as I can tell, history is not taught as a major subject and students are basically encouraged to just memorize some dates, places, people, and events long enough to pass the tests and move on to the next grade.

Islam and Christianity, being religions, may be mentioned in passing, but details of how the various religions had an effect on history is not taught in our public schools, because that is believed by some to violate the establisment of religion clause in the first amendment of the Constitution. It doesn't really, but to keep from getting sued by the left-wing radicals, school administators prefer to avoid the conflict when possible.

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