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Is Gender Informed By Biological Sex?

1. A Person's Gender Is Entirely Informed By Their Biological Sex.
2. A Person's Gender Is Primarily Informed By Their Biological Sex.
3. A Person's Gender Is Half Determined By Biology and Half Determined By Society.
4. A Person's Gender is Primarily Determined By Society.
5. A Person's Gender is Entirely Informed By Their Society.
anasawad wrote:Sex is biological.
Gender is neurological.
Gender roles are social constructs based on or derived from biological traits, and in overall, society it self is a gender construct.

I second this motion.
I put half and half, but really, both gender and sex are complicated. We talk about biological sex as if it's straightforward, but how do we define it? Genitals? Chromosomes? Hormones? There are people who are born with XY chromosomes, but are androgen-resistant. They have a vagina and breasts, but have undescended testes instead of ovaries. To an outside observer, they would by all appearances be female, and in a prior era, they would simply be diagnosed as infertile, rather than having some gender anomaly. There are also abnormal chromosomal configurations and people with ambiguous genitalia (often "corrected" in the hospital by doctors literally choosing one gender or another for the child). And that's just biological sex. As far as gender, there are still new discoveries being made, but it is highly likely that trans people have neurological differences that are not in accord with their assigned gender. And that's all before we even get into the social construction of gender norms. It's likely the reason we're seeing a larger number of people identifying as non-binary is that neurological differences in gender are more likely part of a spectrum rather than a simple binary, and people in the middle of that spectrum who would previously have to choose one gender or another now have a language to express their identity terms that feel more fitting.

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