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Do You Think Romania Needs A Libertarian Party?

Yes, I would vote for them
Yes, I wouldn't vote for them, but diverse political representation is a good thing
Yes, but I don't think most people would vote for it.
No, the current party selection is enough
No, nobody would vote for it.
No votes
Other(Please Elaborate)
I am thinking of starting a libertarian party in the following 2 years If I get to stay in the country, do you think this is needed? I think that currently there is no true libertarian option.
I don't know much about Romania but any form of political diversification is a good thing in my book. Libertarianism I think is under-represented in Romanian politics. For discussion's sake may I ask what the viewpoints of your libertarian party would be? Are you an Austrian or a Chicago-ian or something different altogether? Are you a classic liberal? What sort of policies do you have in mind for Romania? What reforms will be made and how drastic would some reforms be?
Libertarianism is under represented everywhere outside of the USA and Somalia as most people are sane and don't want toddlers down mines and the poor dying of Polio in the gutters.
Yes, but I don't think most people would vote for it.

This is a trend in many countries, forming libertarian parties and groups.
I can tell that it mostly fails, although having a party do assist to promote the agenda and unifying a group and community.
In my country, the NGOs, among the libertarian group, is influencing much more than small parties who never cross the minimal voting needed.
The NGO have assemblies, and is inviting parlament members, and is penetrating much deeper, and influencing the public speach.
NGO is the thing 8)
PS From an NGO, it is easier to skip forward into the parlament, or changing a close party into more a libertarian direction.
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