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Do you support trump?

blackjack21 wrote:Trump is the Tea Party's revenge against the establishment; therefore, he is awesome. MAGA :rockon:

Yes, my other PoFo friend, he certainly is that. Irony is that he wants to save the America/Capitalism that created this Elite that finds him so repulsive, when their grandfathers were cut from the same cloth as he, lol.
I checked that I support Trump because he is the lawfully elected President of the United States and to disrespect or oppose him personally is the same as disrespecting or opposing my country.

Having said that. . .

I don't support him as a politician because he isn't one.
I don't support his ideology because I don't think he has one.
I don't support him because he is a Republican because I think he is about as disinterested in party politics as any President of my lifetime.
I don't support him because he is a stellar human being because, like most of us, he just isn't.
I do support his vision of a brighter, more prosperous, more secure America offering more opportunity to those who want it.
I do support his understanding that a nation without a common language, borders, and culture isn't a nation at all.
I do support his appreciation and instincts in how to go about actually fixing or eliminating problems instead of just giving them lip service.
I do support his unorthodoxy as a welcome change from the typical polished, scripted, poll tested politician who is all words but little or no follow through.
I do support his demonstrated commitment to actually do his darndest to accomplish what he told us he would do if we elected him. We haven't seen that from an elected President in maybe a century.
By Doug64
Neutral. I didn't vote for him and won't in 2020, but he won fair and square so he's the president -- I'll support him when he's right and oppose him when he's wrong, and so far he's been better than a bag of hammers.
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By Godstud
Hammers are, at least, a useful tool.

I think USA would have been better off leaderless, than with it's current POTUS.
I love Trump.
How much better could it possibly get than watching the US commit suicide under his guidance ?
Its just amazing, and hilarious at the same time watching the Trump presidency.
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