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should countries have military service and why

1: yes, every country should be able to defend itself
2 yes, youth is to soft nowadays and this would harden them.(could aslo count in the long run for better parenting)
3 yes, it would improve the economy
No votes
4 no, any way of violence is bad
No votes
5 no, dangerous to give this knowledge to the 'simple' man, they might use it badly in public( eg with rise of extremism)
6 no, bad for economy, waste of money
No votes
7 no, shouldn'be country wise, butunion wise( EU,arabic union, etc)
No votes
8 yes, but for other reason( please exolain)
9 no, but for other reason( please explain)
10 Other
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By Godstud
Political_Observer wrote:The Taliban and Al-queda should have thought about that before launching a terrorist attack on the US. See, if they just left us alone, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! Two wrongs don't make a right but it makes us even. Well, I guess in this case, more than even after our response. People are less likely to mess with you when they know their is a big price to pay for doing so. You have to demonstrate to the rest of world what happens when you mess with the US when the US is actually messed with.
That response is terrible both in it's apparent arrogance and justification for horrible crimes in the name of justice/revenge. You killed 3,000 so we're OK killing 500,000.

Political_Observer wrote:When they see the response, they are going to think "You know, we better not launch an attack or first strike on the US.
They don't think like that, however and I am sure the Saudi Arabians didn't care, either, when it prompted an attack on Afghanistan/Iraq. You do know the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi, right? They wanted the US to over-react.

9/11 succeeded greatly, not only in the attack, but in the American system of freedoms that the US eroded in response to it. Air travel is as safe as it always was, but people's perception of it, isn't. In response to 9/11 they took away some American freedoms in exchange for the false perception of "security".

The world understands military strength, and it's severe limitations, in responding to some kind of attacks.

Note: Do not misunderstand me. I no way condone 9/11. It was horrible, and it was tragic. It was not, however, unprovoked.

American influence and meddling in the Middle East more than justified(at least in their minds) such a response(9/11). They also took advantage of a misguided policy in place from the 80's where the pilots and crews of planes were to follow the demands of hijackers.

You're entitled to your opinion. I was exaggerating a bit too. Bin Laden designed Afghanistan to be a trap. Which it very much was and was no fun having to serve in that environment. His goal was to draw us into a trap with a terrorist attack and protract out the conflict and get us to spend a bunch of money. Which he did, and he ultimately paid with his life too along with many others. Nobody wins in a war.
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By BigSteve
I voted #9.

I'm retired Navy; decorated combat Vet and Gulf War Vet. I was fortunate enough to serve after the draft. I say "fortunate enough" because, as a senior enlisted guy, I ran a division of about 30 people. The last thing I would want would be someone in my division who didn't want to be there.

The military's not for everyone, so we shouldn't pretend that it is...
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