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Do you unironically support Israel?

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And the use of the word "unironic" demonstrates how shallow our elites are when making very serious decisions that affect a lot of other people in other lands (that they don't care about because they're mafia).

In an article called The Axis of Atrocity, Paul Edwards wrote:..master of venomous race hatred, that brazen liar, shameless provocateur, and criminal fabulist, Netanyahu, regent of the Fascist State of Israel. This clinical embodiment of the abused become abuser, in exacerbating the worst elements of Israeli character–bone deep racism and paranoia; the arrogant claim to superiority that’s the warp and weft of its religion; the babaric cruelty urged by its gruesome, twisted, medieval rabbinical voices–has goaded Israel to embrace and celebrate its most hideous attributes and flaunt them in the face of an increasingly appalled world.
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