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Should Israel and Palestine be annexed by a third party?

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These two can't solve the problem. Maybe they need a hand to reach a conclusion.

I believe that both Israel and Palestine should not exist as countries. British took the land from Ottomans and this is how the problem arose. It was a stable piece of land under Ottoman rule for centuries. For this reason, it is worth to try it again. The land should be given back to Turkey. It is historically a Turkish soil after all.

Israelis know they can't have a sizeable population to exist as a country anymore. Turkey is the best option. This should be done either peacefully or invading.

What do you think?
Its an interesting solution. But I wouldn't vote for turkey, simply because turkey itself isn't a stable political and economical entity through passage of decades . Also turks are Muslims thus this could be seen us unfair for the Jews.
Perhaps if Americans or Europeans ever decide to start conquering then that could happen. And indeed when under foreign rule Palestine was always relatively calm and stable.
This actually might happen in the next 100-200 years though.
An even better solution could be more resolute and definitive.
It's apparent Arabs and Israelis can't coexist peaceful. And since Israelis were the ones who came and arbitrarily created a state there by exterminating and expelling the locals based on history (that's a fact noone cna reject), then they should be the ones to get expelled back.
Arabs 1)are too many to expel and cover too large of an area 2)were there living peacefully when Israelis literally came from nowhere and established a state of terror and chaos in the levant. 3)Israelis don't accept to live peacefully with the natives.
Thus my proposition is to just send them back home, so the locals can finally live in peace without the terror of an American puppet exterminating them all the time.
Modern Israeli state is so similar to nazi Germany of 1939. They do to Arabs like German's used to do to them. But noone dares to say it straight up because POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. And most probably this comment will get erased because this site is also political correct one. Although I didn't say soemthing racist against the Jews I only said the truth about their state (normal Jews are jsut like you and me, their state is a crime against humanity though, they could get a state more peacefully with no bloodshed if they wanted). If this comment doesn't get erased then i have to confess my respect for neomon and his moderators is immeasurable, ita difficult to find a place in which you can speak the truth about some sensitive matters without being monetized because of speech control (aka political correctness).
Disclaimer, I have nothing against Jews.
Jewish people are just like every other people, the problem isn't the people, the problem is their goverment.
The Israeli state history is indeed a continuous crime against humanity though and the way it operates and was established is completely against the ideals of Democratic West and humanitarianism
Istanbuller wrote:What do you think?

It's not realistic. Israel is now the technological juggernaut. They're the second eye of the world. They've got the USA by the balls through infiltration and blackmail operations, and also have a very close relationship with China. So it's going to take a long time before we can turn Bibi the beast into Bibi the barista. You see, Israel/Palestine should just be nothing more than a touristic place.

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