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Would you move?

Yes, I would leave to find a country more representative of my beliefs.
No, I'd just stay here and deal with it.
No, I would actively work against the state/become a revolutionary.
Waffles are yummy.
I voted yes (although I didn't originally intend to do so, I have effectively done so at this point - although for more important yet material reasons than simply because I don't like where my country's politics is going), but it depends on just how far the country's political changes deviate from my beliefs. Moving abroad is harder and costlier than it seems, even if you actually like (a lot) the country you move to the financial and emotional costs will be substantial.

Of course if such political changes endanger myself or my family I will leave just like everyone else. But what if it's not so clear this will be the case? Then I think it depends more on the specific changes than anything else - are these just cultural changes or will they also affect my future economic/material perspectives or will they lead to an undemocratic regime or at least an erosion of democracy? Will these changes affect the exercise of my fundamental rights in the future? Will these changes somehow make it impossible for me or my family to leave a calm, peaceful life in the future? Are these changes temporary or permanent? Do they have any upsides?

Just because things don't feel like it's "my country" anymore it doesn't mean that it may not become so in the future, either because such political changes are pulled back or because I adapt to them, and internalize them.

So, I think, it depends a lot on the changes. But assuming things become unbearable as a result of these changes and my country not being "my country" anymore, then yes of course I will leave.
So, let's see. Under President Donald Trump, somewhere over half the population, judging by the popular vote, would have left the country. Then, Under President Biden, most of those remaining would leave. That would result in a big sigh of relief among native Americans, who would finally get their country back.

Regards, stay safe 'n well. Remember the prophylactic Big 3: masks, hand washing and physical distancing.

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The only reason I'd leave my country, is if far left "progressive" authoritarianism was in power.
- Forced indoctrination at all levels (calling my countrymen racist, etc).
- Everyone being forcibly "chipped" like dogs to be monitored by government.
- Social credit score, the higher it gets if you denounce people and behave more anti-white and progressive.
- No option to vote for other government.
- Mass immigration makes life unliveable and unsafe for children.
- Etc.

Some of these points already exist in my country. But I feel we can still salvage the situation.
This is a silly question. People don't live where they live because of the representation of their political beliefs. They live where they live because that's where they were born and where they can live with some degree of comfort: they speak the language, have connections, and hopefully know how to get a job. I would live almost anywhere else if I could bring my friends, family, and have a similar standard of living.

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