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Which economic system is the best one?

Mixed economy (left-wing)
Mixed economy (centrist)
Mixed economy (right-wing)
Laissez-faire capitalism
By Mazhi
Which economic system is the best one, in your opinion?

Communism: a classless, stateless society where everyone owns everything

Socialism: the state (or community) owning everything

Mixed economy (left-wing): a mixture of community (or state) owned means of production and privately owned means of production with the state (community) owned means being of bigger importance

Mixed economy (centrist): state (community) and private ownership is of equal importance

Mixed economy (right-wing):the majority is privately owned, only some things are state (community) owned

Laissez-faire capitalism:everything is privately owned
By Falx
Terms would be important here, I view it as left wing to provide universal healthcare, keep the natural monopolies functioning for the benefit of the community and other related things. That is why I voted for it. Also life imprisonment to all public officials who misuse public funds, just as an added incentive.
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By Dr House
I'd say mixed economy, with precious little privately owned. Namely public education, public insurance and public law enforcement. Everything else private. So right-wing.
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By casablancaunited
Socialism; but no government handouts.
By Mazhi
Economic Left/Right: 8.88

Socialism; but no government handouts.

:eek: :eh: :?:
By Mazhi
How is that? How could you get + 8.88 and believe in the state owning everything?
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By casablancaunited
The state (government) owns everything, without giving government handouts. It is not that hard to fathom.
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By Brutus
8.88 means that you strongly believe in privately owned stuff and very little governmentally owned. On the other side of the spectrum, if youw ere -8.88 you would strongly believe in governmentally owned stuff and very little privately owned stuff.

Nuff said, and I do believe that it is common knowledge that a free market is the most effective system. Hell just look up most (if not all) economists, just because you don't want to believe it doesn't make it true. I.E. sticking your head in the sand =/= lion won't eat you.

EDIT: Never mind, I just saw your post in the "save the animals" thread and decided that your Authoritarian instincts greatly outweigh your capitalist ones. This does not have to be the case, look at Pinochet for example. He controlled what everyone did, short of the free-market (kind of). So you believe in controlling others (veeery strongly) and also in individual labor, so not in collectivism.

I get it, but that's just silly, a non-collectivist huge state. What's the point of that?
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By Oxymoron
Free economy is a free society.

Goverments role is security, Law and order, supervision and consumer watch dog(making sure food is safe to eat, industry does not throw shit in rivers,Education standards,etc).
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By Eauz
Socialism and Communism are not economic systems.

You might be looking for Central Planning and Market Socialism?
By AmericanPatriot
No. You might as well say command economy. Seriously, communism is a FAILURE! It cannot, and will not work. It is human nature for inequalities and envy to be inherent in the human race. Watch Enemy at the Gates: 'There will always be those rich in love, and those poor in love. There will always be those rich in power, and those poor in power. there will always be those who are rich in beauty, and those who are poor in beauty.' I don't think that's exactly what they say, but it's something along those lines. I mean come on guys, communism DOES NOT WORK! Geez. Besides, communism is for rebellious skater punks in 6th grade who don't know what it means. And the hammer and sickle is only good on red t-shirts. Communism ended the moment it was invented. It doesn't work, get over yourselves.

Capitalism inspires progress and innovation. For those of you who always bitch and complain about capitalism and America, get over yourselves and get the fuck out of the country if you hate it so much.

Goverments role is security, Law and order, supervision and consumer watch dog(making sure food is safe to eat, industry does not throw shit in rivers,Education standards,etc).

That's how you get shit done. Amen Oxy. Use private interest and profit motive as incentives for innovation and growth. Use the government to protect public interest and to keep the masses from getting screwed. What better way? :?:
By Manuel
Unbridled capitalism eventually fails as well. Think Great Depression.

Both systesm have their goods, and their bads. This is why corporatism, a hybrid system that takes the best out of each system, is by far the best economic system for a nation to pursue. It creates economic independence, and public unity. It ecnourages class cooperation, rather than destructive class conflict.
By AmericanPatriot
Corporatism? Is that even a legit economic system? Please provide some information, links, and documents.
By Goranhammer
Mixed economy (right-wing)

This is best because privatization, ultimately, causes the least inefficiency. State power is monopoly without parallel; this is something I have always said and always will say. They have an absolution over everything they have, and are both unwilling to give it up (even for the better) and unwilling to compromise.

On the complete opposite, laissez-faire in its purest form cannot survive either because of the existence of public goods. This is why "pure" libertarianism fails. The concept that non-rivaled and unexcludable goods can be provided to all through private charity is absurd.

Therefore, while a total absense of a central government cannot work, it's the lesser demon of extreme government power. The influence of state is a genie in a bottle; once released, it is almost impossible to control and to reverse. A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.
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By sazerac
Mixed economy (right-wing):the majority is privately owned, only some things are state (community) owned

I think this system is most beneficial to the poor.

I wonder how I would feel about social systems if I wasn't from a city that has made such a disaster of socialism and the nanny state?
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By Far-Right Sage
Corporatism - The corporate state.

In the United States, the closest we can get is probably corporate nationalism.
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