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AFAIK wrote:@Kaiserschmarrn
I don't see how the female experience is equivalent to the black experience. Women don't live in impoverished communities with shitty schools, shitty housing and shitty transport and don't face all sorts of bias and prejudice as a community.

I agree they aren't equivalent, but I don't see how women didn't face bias and prejudice historically. Ultimately, that didn't hold them back, once there were no longer any legal restrictions.
There's a rumor that Michelle Obama is going to run. Normally I would discount this but it's unclear at this point how the DNC would legitimately unify their party after the Bernie thing and trying to rig another primary would be unwise, so a persona like Michelle Obama (and accepting the loss in 2020) might be the only thing they can do.
Michelle Obama running? I'd doubt that very much. :lol:

Wishful thinking among some desperate people, methinks.
Why did the Yanks bother getting rid of the monarchy in the first place if they are so fond of being run by useless, corrupt dynasties with no connection to the population? Are the Bushs, Clintons or Obamas any less of an out of touch group of aristocrats than the Hapsburgs, Hanovers or Hohenzolerans?
#14862641 ... ary-rigged

An interesting take if anyone is interested still.

Main conclusions.

The primary wasn't rigged but many democratic figures and elites tried to dominate the "invisible primary" by getting hillary endorsements money and staff early before voting to scare off challengers and clearing the field.

Bernie Sanders was arguably helped by the clearing of the field.

The real takeaway is that Elites did this far too early and what was true when they started the process wasn't by the time the election happened (i.e. hillary being popular) and the lack of trust in the party and schism is a direct result of that.

An additional note is that we are currently lamenting the GOP's inability to control it's own primaries with the crazies like roy moore who thinks gays are worse than child abuse or trumps complete lack of any competence. Some role for gatekeepers exists even if only to weed out the very crazy or very incompetent candidates or those who could loose elections in places they have no business struggling in (like alabama).
The biggest problem with politics @mikema63 are the dollars flowing in from legal corruption via the Supreme Court Decision of The People vs Citizens United. If big powerful corporations can be considered like individuals and money can be spent without spending caps on influencing politicians in government positions? The democracy is essentially over Mikema. Bernie did not accept money from superpacs and big corporate donors hoping to make the point that you don't need to be beholden to them in order to get elected.

But? The DNC is corrupt Mikema. They choose not to go the route of small contributions from large groups of regular voters and constituents. They don't want to do that. They choose being bought off. So? They are not true leftists. They are fake and phony and pretending to represent the poor and downtrodden and disadvantaged, but they are total hypocrites and total sellouts. Easy targets for the Right and Alt Right to sling mud at. It sticks. It is true....a lot of liberal platitudes about the 'poor Blacks, Latinos, women, gays, etc." But in reality they are selfish, greedy pigs just as much as the repulsive Republicans.

Actions speak louder than words Mikema63. They chose their bed let them lie in it.
I'd really like to see Lassie run for president.

America has never had a dog president, and this might be a powerful symbol of respect for the environment and other species.

All that the Deep State has to do is to create a center-left platform for Lassie's campaign, write his speeches for him (voice-over?), and set him up against a "typical human" opponent on the other mainstream party.

Pictured with potential running mate
Qatzelok wrote:I'd really like to see Lassie run for president.
:up: Can't be any worse than what they already have.

Also, Lassie exhibits more human empathy.
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