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By Saeko
mike4july1972 wrote:My thread called “Ukraine is a terrorist state”.

Never seen or heard of such a thread. Prove that it ever even existed.
By mikema63
If you posted them at the same time then they would have been deleted because we have a rule about posting threads in multiple sub forums, if you posted in the wrong sub forum for the topic then the mod may have deleted it.
By mikema63
Let me guess, you posted it again in the same forum without asking why it was deleted first?
By mike4july1972
mikema63 wrote:Let me guess, you posted it again in the same forum without asking why it was deleted first?

Yes. There is no legitimate reason of why my threads are deleted other than suppressing free speech.
By mikema63
The rules strictly forbid reposting deleted material without asking permission. Perhaps instead of assuming you weren't allowed to call ukraine a terrorist state you should have asked neomon why it was deleted in the first place before reposting it.

Of course, you still seem to think providing evidence for anything you say is also somehow censorship, so this probably isn't going anywhere as an argument. I must admit you are the first person I've ever read who has made that claim, so points for originality I suppose.
By mike4july1972
Why is it not allowed to say properly that Duke University, UNSW people are too corrupt, that Ukraine is a terrorist state, etc.? There is a lot of evidence to support each of these statements. Requirement, to prove each statement beyond the reasonable doubt, is often inappropriate because there are many true statements which cannot be proven beyond the reasonable doubt yet but they will probably be proven soon.
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By Varax
If you have a persecution complex then that is something that often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, oh martyr of "free speech".
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By anarchist23
This quote supposedly from a Bangladesh goat is relevant...

"Don't think of yourselves as superior. I may be tied to this tree, but you are tied to something as well. It's the modern game of our so called democracy. If you think you have a freedom of speech, you're all kidding yourselves. The elite do what they want, you abide by their laws. You're just tied to a bigger tree, that's all."

By mike4july1972
I am just telling mu story to the world. I am sure, I am not the only one, there are billions people, like me in the world. When I tried to express my opinion in the USA, the people there started perpetrating obvious crimes against me: unjustified physical violence, documents frauds, stealing my money, etc.
They demanded from me to tell lies in public. I have refused to lie. I have absolutely nothing to hide. On my forum there is absolute freedom of speech. Not here. Here the freedom of speech is very limited: you cannot even name a thread “Ukraine is a terrorist state”. If your views are different from the main-stream and not proved like a mathematical theorem, your threads are moved to “Conspiracy Theories”. It is well known, that conspiracy theories are almost always false. Thus, putting a thread into “Conspiracy Theories” without the consent of the author is the same as labeling this thread as rubbish, lie, craziness, etc.
There are some limits to free speech in the West. There are many things a person can be arrested for saying. If there is a perception that a person is being intolerant or inciting hatred they can be arrested. There is also social ostracism for holding certain political opinions.
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By anarchist23
I am just telling what happened to me in the USA.

You say you have a story to tell. Why don't you start from the beginning and back up the story with photos. Catch you later.
No, in fact he does make some very good points.

Why are we not allowed to discuss certain topics in Western countries? For example in France and Austria they have laws pertaining to making certain statements about the holocaust. In a true democracy we should be allowed to discuss that subject and hold any opinion on it without being faced with legal consequences.

Similarly in the English speaking countries the definition of hate speech is so narrow that if we do something as minor as take a slightly controversial stance on an issue we can be arrested. We don't need to even say anything hateful. All a person needs to do is be too frank and direct about their opinions and if someone is offended they will go to court. A case in point is that I might not like mass immigration and therefore I need to censor myself and be very careful about how I express my opinion. Even if I don't say anything hateful I can still get in serious trouble should I say anything too incendiary. In the United States people have far more freedom to express their opinions but in Britain, Australia and New Zealand we must be very careful. The result of such stringent laws is that rational debate is stifled and people self-censor themselves, never truly expressing their honest opinions.

The essential result is that I am only allowed to express certain defined and set opinions.
By mike4july1972
In the USA they called me a serial killer, like Milosevic, former president of Serbia, enemy of the West at that time. I did nothing wrong. I just expressed my opinion about the incompetence of Duke University people. Duke University people tell lies about me, which is an obstacle to find any job for me. I am not allowed to defend myself properly. I left the USA, Australia and New Zealand because of the terror against me there. I went back to my native Ukraine trying to survive. Ukrainian government forces me to kill people, if I refuse to kill; they put me in prison for many years. I had to leave everything in Ukraine because of terror against me there (I have been illegally arrested and tortured by Ukrainian police). I cannot even meet my family. I am a very sick man that is why so many crimes are perpetrated against me. Ukrainian government illegally killed thousands of people. It is sponsored by the West. Thus, the West sponsors terror and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. There are many people, like me, in the world, so the West perpetrates massive terror. This is not allowed to be said in the West properly.
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